6 Haunted or Spiritual Destinations Where the Veil is Thinnest

6 Haunted or Spiritual Destinations Where the Veil is Thinnest | California Psychics

An Eerie Feeling

You’ve sensed it as you enter these zones. They seem to be charged with more energy and light. You feel it as you approach, and it gets stronger as you enter the location. The atmosphere seems different and you notice a subtle change in the air. The colors, smells, and sounds are different, but why?

A Haunting Reputation

How does a place earn the reputation of the ‘most haunted’ anyway? Well, Sedona, Arizona; New Orleans, Louisiana; Lily Dale, New York; and a few others rank high on that list for a reason. Let’s see why…

The Most Haunted Places in the World

Sedona, AZ

Known for its history as a Native American confluence spot for diverse tribes, Sedona is an energy vortex of limitless power, especially for the Hopi tribe. This terrain holds potent potential for meditators, visionaries, and psychics who experience spiritual connections of unprecedented vividness here. Many people report talking to the guardians of Mother Earth directly while they visit!

It seems to be an inter-galactic meeting point where extra-terrestrial star people touch down and mix with indigenous populations. It’s considered an interdimensional portal that catapults those who enter here into higher consciousness. It continues to be a pilgrimage destination for those who want to help usher in the New Age of spiritual perfection.

New Orleans, LA

In a somewhat different way, the old quarter of New Orleans is recognized as one of the most haunted in the world. Battered by hurricanes, violence, and pandemics since its founding in 1718, New Orleans hosts a population accustomed to walking side by side with death and rebirth and of making a celebration out of it!

The area known as the French Quarter, with its rich history of cultural mixing, spiritual syncretism, voodoo, musical innovation, and an “anything goes” attitude, helps bring about a world view familiar with ghost sightings, memories of past lives, and psychic experiences of all kinds. These are woven into the food, music, art, and spirituality of those who reside and visit here.

Ghost encounters are a daily experience behind the shutters and lacey balconies. Any kind of spiritual experience can be quickly accessed within a few square blocks.

Lily Dale, NY

It’s been said that “No one dies in Lily Dale.” Its reputation has been earned by maintaining a decades-old community of Psychic Mediums who make their continual connection with the spirit world a daily part of their lives and the lives of those who visit their retreats.

Located in New York state, it was formed in the year 1879. Lily Dale is a community devoted to spiritualism, prayer, meditation, healing, and connection with Spirit. It welcomes visitors from all over the world to retreats that are offered year-round.

Astoria, OR

Ranked as one of the five “coolest small towns to visit” by Budget Travel, Astoria’s total population is slightly less than 10,000. As the oldest port in the Pacific Northwest, it’s located at the extreme Northern point of the Oregon Coast. Astoria has everything. Thriving arts and spiritual communities, a temperate marine climate, and a breath-taking view of the Columbia River meeting the Pacific Ocean.

Once nicknamed the “graveyard of the Pacific” due to its treacherous tidal water, it brought the demise of many seasoned fishermen before the advent of modern nautical devices. This has contributed to its haunted reputation.

But, a most interesting feature about Astoria is a huge and ornate Victorian Museum House named after Capt. Flavel, one of its earliest settlers. It receives hundreds of visitors for tours, especially during the summer months.

Walking inside, through the dim and luxurious entrance, you notice right away the shutters are drawn, casting an eerie glow on the antique mahogany interior and a sultry and mysterious atmosphere prevails.

“What a Perfect Place for a Séance…”

For many years after the highly eccentric Flavel family moved out of what’s called the Flavel House Museum, the house sat vacant. But it was a veritable hub for visitors, all of the paranormal variety!

Screams were heard by neighbors late into the evening, but on checking it out, nothing and no one was found inside. No one, that is, except on one occasion just a day shy of Halloween night.

It seems an adventurous young lady was looking for the perfect place to have a costume party with her friends. She entered the house through a window that was cracked open and gasped in surprise as a woman in a long, red, velvet bustle dress met and beckoned her to the sitting room. The woman wordlessly watched her, a faint, mysterious smile on her face, and began to pour the girl a cup of freshly made tea.

When the woman placed some cookies alongside the cup, the girl noticed the translucent appearance of the woman’s hand as it passed her the elegant china saucer. An antique amethyst ring highlighted her ghostly white skin. It seemed to radiate a freaky, iridescent essence.

The girl screamed, bounded from her chair, and bolted for the front door, tearing the doorframe and knocking over a brass spittoon in the entranceway.

She reached home, pale, shaken, and gasping for breath, never to return to the house. This, and other accounts earned the Flavel Mansion the title of “Most haunted house in Oregon.”

But, What About Abroad?

London, England, UK

Of course, not all ghosts are so hospitable. The pub known as The Ten Bells in East London vibrates with history and has been a social center for residents of the eclectic and historic neighborhood of Spitalfields for centuries.

Though important to London community life since the mid-1700s, it has just one infamous and unfortunate association. It was frequented by the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper and several of his victims!

Customers at the pub have reported that an ephemeral female ghost thought to be Mary Chapman, a woman abducted by the Ripper, roams the pub at night.

Footsteps, laughter, and poltergeist activity have been witnessed by visitors on many evenings. A man in formal Victorian dress has been sighted and is thought to be Jack the Ripper himself!

 While a delightful resting spot in the daytime, a late-night visit could cause “vapors” in the faint of heart.

Tokyo, Japan

Zoshigaya Cemetery in Tokyo is a place that people are drawn to despite its spooky heritage. Shadowy voices are heard and faces and hands appear from the trees!

Three suicides have been recorded on the grounds and these deceased souls wander aimlessly throughout the premises at night. It’s a place of outstanding beauty and elegant design and is considered one of the most stunningly haunted sites in Tokyo.

Enter only if you’re brave enough.

Where the Veil is Thinnest

Essentially, the Veil is the thinnest wherever spirit connections happen for you! It’s as close as your own backyard, neighborhood park, spiritual shrine, or favorite vacation destination.

Who knows all the reasons we’re drawn to a place time after time? Meetings with friends, lovers, and ancestors definitely set the tone at the locations that we cherish. Ghostly memories at these points in time and space, live and grow each time we visit.

Mediums Can Help

Trained Mediums bring sacred healing communications to those who want to communicate across the Veil. Spiritual Mediums are conduits between the living and the dead. At the basis of Mediumship is the knowledge and belief that life continues beyond the transition we call death.

Spiritual Mediums prove through their evidential readings that those who have crossed over remain actively connected to us and want to engage in our lives. While letting Spirit lead the encounter, they connect us with a phone call from the spirit world itself.

Death is not the end of your strong bonds with your loved ones. A psychic medium can connect you to those who have crossed over. During a psychic medium reading, you can share messages, get closure, and so much more.
Find a psychic medium or learn more about psychic medium readings.

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