4 Tips That Will Help You Form New Habits

4 Tips That Will Help You Form New Habits

Form New Habits and Build a Better Your

As 2019 begins, it’s time to take stock of the behavioral patterns that no longer serve you and think about how to form new, healthier habits instead. Of course, changing the way you do (or think about) everyday tasks can be a challenge—it takes tenacity and a lot of patience to really create new patterns. To get you going, here’s a four-step guide to help you form new habits.

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1. Start With One New Habit at a Time
Change is difficult, no matter who you are. Therefore, it’s important to be realistic when you try to form a new habit. Start by changing one habit (or work on creating one) at a time. Instead of listing a bunch of goals and working on them all at once, begin with just one pattern you’d like to break (or form) and focus on just that one until it sticks. It can take anywhere from one month to even six months to create new behavioral patterns—that’s okay. Take all the time you need because you’re about to form new habits that will last you forever.

2. Break Old Patterns That Don’t Serve You
In some cases, forming a new habit is more about letting go of an old habit than starting a new one. For instance, many of us would like to cut down on our social media usage. So, perhaps instead of picking up your phone and scrolling Instagram when you feel bored, try grabbing a book and going outside or simply having a glass of water. By performing a concrete action (or a selection of actions) to do as a replacement, you’ll be more successful in the long run when you attempt to form new habits. From there, you can start to form other new habits—like reading more, getting out in nature more often, drinking more water, or another habit you’d like to have in your life.

3. Visualize Your Success
If you’re the meditating type (or even if you’re not), taking time to visualize yourself performing your new habit is a reliable way to help your new pattern stick. Picture the aftermath of your new habit too—if you want to go to the gym more, visualize yourself exercising and becoming stronger. If you want to eat healthier, picture what’s on your plate and consider how you feel after eating. “If I can dream it, I can do it,” is a mantra to have if you want to form new habits.

4. Practice Makes Perfect
The continued ritual of practicing your new habit is what will eventually turn action into a pattern of behavior. If you need extra motivation, create an old-school sticker chart (like you might have had at school or with chores at home) or another kind of reward system to give you extra incentive. Just make sure your rewards don’t counteract all the good work you’re doing! And remember to be gentle with yourself. Breaking old habits to form new habits takes a great deal of mental energy and practice. You may lapse from time to time and fall off the proverbial wagon, but keep the bigger picture in mind and your progress. Know that you have the ability to motivate yourself to keep going.

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