Best Crystals for Letting Go and Forgiveness

The Best Crystals for Letting Go and Forgiveness | California Psychics

Nature’s Gifts for Letting Go

It’s true that everybody hurts. Someone or something has caused us pain to some degree. Some pain seems too cutting, too cruel, too ghastly to face, let alone forgive and let go, even if it would be healing for us to do so. But as you will see, it’s ultimately worth it. Let’s look at forgiveness and letting go, along with some of the crystals nature has gifted us to help us heal.

What Forgiveness Isn’t

Were you taught that the only way to fully forgive meant you had to accept what happened? That you had to allow the person or people who tore your heart out by the roots, destroyed your life, and made you not want to live anymore to come back into your life? And were you expected to hug them, to smile as though nothing happened, and never speak of it again?

Were you taught that not only did you have to forgive in this way, but that you also had to forget the evil done to you or your forgiveness was not valid? That if you still felt like you were drowning in pain you were somehow a bad person not worthy of love? That feels a whole lot like victim-blaming and victim-shaming and it’s no surprise that many people say they cannot and will not forgive or forget. Ever.

What Forgiveness Is

We are subject to all kinds of pain, anguish, and trauma. None of it is easy to let go of and forgive. It just isn’t. But hanging on to anger and hurt can poison the vessel holding it and cause the soul to wither and die long before the body does. To forgive helps you to let go of the agony. Forgiveness and letting go are the keys that open the prison door of pain and set you free.

Methods for Forgiveness with Crystals

Talk to Them

There are different ways to forgive. One way is to tuck some of the supportive crystals listed below in your pocket or purse and take the offending person aside. If they will listen, you can talk it out. Often, they will apologize and feel relieved for a chance to resolve the pain.

If you have ever wronged another, and it is you seeking forgiveness, then of course you would do whatever you could to make amends for it. It will be lovely if the person you inadvertently hurt is able to forgive you, but you must also forgive yourself.


But if this approach doesn’t work, or isn’t a possibility, then another one of the most effective ways to forgive is to hold the crystals you’ve chosen in your hands and visualize yourself giving back the pain to whatever or whoever caused it. You are not saying what they did is okay. You are giving it back to them to carry and freeing yourself from this burden. In your mind’s eye, see this pain as a filled black sack and hand it to them so they can carry it. They caused this hurt, and it belongs to them, not you.

Write a Letter

Or you can write a letter expressing your anguish, then set it aside and later decide if you want to send it to them or not. It won’t matter if they respond or not, because doing this will set you free from holding onto it any longer, and it’s a gift you give yourself.


If the person who hurt you has passed away, just visualize them while holding your crystals and talk to them about the hurt and heartache they caused you. They will hear you in Spirit. Then give them the pain back so you can be free of it. They will take it, and feel remorse for hurting you, and you will sense them asking for your forgiveness. If you forgive them, it helps you heal, and it helps them make greater progress as a spirit.

Learning to Let Go

Once you have resolved to forgive and let go, focus on these healing crystals, and fill your mind and heart with all the good things you want to create for yourself and the loveliness you may already have in your life. In this way, you are programming your special crystals to assist you in this quest. Forgiveness is often a process of having to forgive again and again until the pain lessens, but it’s worth it for the restoration of your own deep inner peace. “To err is human, to forgive divine.” ~ Alexander Pope

What Crystals to Use

Crystals can offer tremendous support in releasing anguish and creating healing that is real, solid, and ever-present. When you hold them in your hands and meditate on them, let yourself feel the loving energy they radiate back to you. Here are some of the best crystals for letting go and forgiveness.

Apache Tears

Named after the Apache tribe in the United States, Apache Tears represent the tears these people wept during their times of trauma, tragedy, and loss in the 1870s. These stones give powerful help to recover from grief. Like black obsidian, to which they are related, they absorb negativity, especially from abuse, and release it. They act as a protective shield against negative energies and entities and create emotional healing. Connected to the Root Chakra, they come in colors of dark brown or black and often show bits of grayish-white flecks.

Rose Quartz

This lovely crystal comes in soft pink and is attached to the Heart and Throat Chakras. It is well known for its ability to inspire unconditional love for the self and others. Perfect to assist in forgiving and letting go, it transmits the gentle energy of lovingkindness and brings healing both emotionally and physically. It is said to help heal broken relationships and a broken heart. Use Rose Quartz to fill yourself with the warm, healing balm of love.


To help heal heartbreak when mourning loss and to lift depression, anxiety, and stress, grab Chrysoprase, a pale green-blue crystal related to the Heart Chakra. It is believed to create optimism, joy, peace, serenity, and happiness because it is one of nature’s most powerful tranquilizers. It will fill your heart with reassurance that everything will be okay.


The beautiful blue-green Aquamarine is aligned with the Heart and Throat Chakras. It gives the gifts of sweet tranquility and soothing calm. It cleanses the soul of pain as it induces courage and reduces stress. During meditation, this gemstone quiets the mind and gives protection from inner turmoil and outer harming influences. It is said to repel dark energy and open the intuitive mind, bringing a deeper connection to Spirit. It helps to bring harmony to relationships and encourages reconciliation.

Blue Lace Agate

Let Blue Lace Agate help you when you need to seek or give forgiveness. This light blue gemstone comes with white striations, and it is connected to the Throat Chakra. It is thought to gently reveal truth and bring hope, optimism, and positive thinking. It helps create stillness in your heart and mind, bringing calm and balance to roiling emotions. It inspires harmony and unity both within and without.


Lepidolite helps bring emotional healing and balance as it assists you in transitioning from searing pain to peaceful relief. Known for its ability to help release negativity, this crystal comes in shades of lilac, rose-violet, lavender, and purple. Aligned with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, it is made up of mica and crystallized lithium. It helps reduce stress from hurt and brings tranquility. It is thought to be a wonderful aid for sweet sleep.

Unakite Jasper

Known to be one of nature’s greatest healers, Unakite Jasper is a green and pink gemstone, connected to the Heart Chakra. It helps lift heavy spirits and overcome heartache and pain. It gives greater clarity of vision into the past, present, and future. It assists you to focus on what is positive, giving balance, strength, and courage. It is a stabilizing, grounding crystal that helps in creating calm growth and nurturing of your soul. It inspires love, compassion, harmony, and kindness, and helps heal relationships.

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