Best Vacation Spots According to Your Zodiac Sign

Best Vacation Spots According to Your Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

You Deserve a Vacation

Did you know astrology can guide you in everything in your life, including fun getaways? There are places waiting to be explored by the fireball Aries, the mysterious Scorpion, and every fascinating sun sign. In addition to reading your sun sign, be sure to peruse your rising sign for more complete information. Read on to learn about some of the best vacation spots according to your zodiac sign, chosen especially for you.

Best Vacation Spots for Aries | California Psychics


Let the adventures begin! Like your symbol of the fiery Ram, you love charging into new destinations and exploring undiscovered countries, even if it’s only new to you. Going scuba diving in lovely Maui or hiking in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon could be blissful for you.

Best Vacation for Taurus | California Psychics


Anywhere you can find generous amounts of fresh air, lush greenery, big beautiful bodies of water, and food, glorious food, is the place every Bull wants to be. Perk up your ears, because pretty Puerto Rico is calling, but so are luxurious resorts in Bali.

Best Vacation for Gemini | California Psychics


Space, the final frontier. One day you hope to go there to satisfy your eternal curiosity, and you just might. Meanwhile, make your inner Twins happy by getting as close to the stars as you can by witnessing the awesome Northern Lights in Alaska, Canada, or Finland. Or go stargazing at the incredible night sky at Utah’s Natural Bridges National Monument.


While visiting faraway places is appealing, lots of luxurious amenities to go with it all is necessary to the comfort-loving Crab. Sampling wine and cheese in the vineyards of France, or floating in the warm, clear, turquoise blue waters of Samoa might be as close to Heaven as you can get.

Best Vacation for Leo | California Psychics


As a Lion, you know you got it, and you love to flaunt it. Showing off your swagger makes you feel vibrant and alive. Vegas, baby. Slip into your most glorious apparel and strut into that glittery town and show ‘em how it’s done. Or dance away the night in fun Ibiza, the party town of Spain.

Best Vacation for Virgo | California Psychics


It’s time to let yourself enjoy one of your well-planned trips. Virgoans do love to figure out every fine point, but let yourself feel free and easy from stressing all the details while you roam through the majestic cities of Italy, or the exotic loveliness of Singapore.

Best Vacation for Libra | California Psychics


Even the most sweet-natured Libran can get their scales out of whack, but going to a place that makes you happy can both indulge your need for beauty and reset your inner balance. A soul-stirring stroll among Tokyo’s cherry blossoms or the California Redwoods will have you feeling completely refreshed.

Best Vacation for Scorpio | California Psychics


Even the powerful Scorpion needs to get away sometimes and feel relief from strife. Spark joy by staying in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti, for it will thrill and fulfill your sensual side, or go strolling through England’s charming Cotswolds, which will make you feel like a royal ruler stepping back in time.

Best Vacation for Sagittarius | California Psychics


You do love to wander, especially to spots where you can discover something new, different, and inspiring. For experiences that could be absolutely spiritual for you Archers, head up the hiking trails of Machu Picchu, or go skydiving so you can jump out of a perfectly good airplane above Dubai.

Best Vacation for Capricorn | California Psychics


It takes serious effort for you to tear yourself away from your many tasks, because just like your symbol of the hard-working Goat, you feel driven to climb your chosen mountain. Take a break from your worries and do something exciting like ziplining over the treetops of the Caribbean rainforest, or go explore the gorgeous Greek Islands.

Best Vacation for Aquarius | California Psychics


Air is your element, but you are also the Water Bearer, and you can’t help but feel a sense of awe witnessing the power of waterfalls. Be sure to travel to some of the biggest and most powerful, like Niagara Falls and Yosemite Falls. You might also experience sheer delight in parasailing over the crystal-clear waters of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Best Vacation for Pisces | California Psychics


You are represented by not just one Fish, but two, which makes you a powerful swimmer through the demands of life. You can handle the biggest tidal waves that come your way, but you must let yourself get a little rest in a quiet pond now and then. Your heart would rejoice if you go swimming in the amazingly beautiful waters of Fiji or cuddle up in a cozy cottage in Vermont.

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