How to Cultivate Inspiration in Your Everyday Life

Cultivating Inspiration in Your Everyday Life | California Psychics

Open Yourself Up to Inspiration

An awakening, a drive, vision, and discovery of purpose are all ways to describe the experience of being struck by inspiration. There is almost nothing in the world like it, considering that inspiration is one of the few life experiences that comes with its own reward. When you think about it, many of life’s best moments are the result of long hours of practice, effort, opportunity, failure, blood, sweat, and tears. But inspiration is something that occurs when your mind and body are in a state of rest and relaxation. It is not something that is forced or earned – but when your stars align, you’re given the elevation and energy to accomplish practically anything.

The unfortunate thing is inspiration is impossible to control or maintain – but it can be nurtured if you learn to cultivate your mind around three simple techniques.

Creative Meditation

The first and most important tip for cultivating inspiration in your daily life is to remember that inspiration is rarely found along a well beaten path. In life, you may have been told to be organized, follow routines, and maintain goals; to fill your day with as much premeditated accomplishment as you can. This may work in the aspects of your life that have already been identified, but inspiration is an unknown. Inspiration comes from unique experiences outside the box. This means that when you are scheduling a day’s events, leave time open for creative meditation. This may be time alone with an interesting book, taking a nature walk, time spent visiting an exhibition, contemplating a song, poem, story, or chatting with an interesting acquaintance. Every time you pull back the overgrown weeds along your normal path, you’ll discover something new, and through that you

Subconscious Guide

The phrase “looking for inspiration,” is a loaded expectation. The mere idea of conducting your own search for inspiration limits your potential by interjecting too much conscious guidance. Remember that many of your inspirations are still largely unknown, so by seeking them out where you suspect you’ll find them, you end up looking under many of the same old rocks. Instead, seek out inspiration in the things that both interest and challenge you. Seek out people who illicit curiosity and places that energize your creativity. You can’t map out your way to inspiration, but you can knock down every boundary you have ever placed around yourself to help it find you. And remember to follow the voice of your own subconscious ramblings rather than the echo of other people’s opinions.

Seek Beauty and Awe in the Great and Small

Speaking of boundaries, there is none greater than your own busy subconscious. How often do you find yourself internally brooding on your mood, the shoes you decided to wear, and the person who cut you off on the freeway? Honestly, it’s probably quite often, but you will never find inspiration lodged within these internal analysis sessions. Inspiration may not come from a treasure map, but it does tend to follow the moments, stories, and places that bring you “awe”. Awe is the overwhelming recognition of mystery, beauty, and amazement that exists in the world. You have likely discovered it among the stars, against a deep mountainside, or hidden within the depths of the ocean. But it also resides in every leaf, sunset, grain of sand, and song of nature. There is much potential for inspiration to find you when being mindful of the rolling clouds, modern architecture, and your surroundings while walking down the sidewalk. You do not need to travel across the world to discover purpose, as you are constantly surrounded by amazing, inspirational, and mysterious things every single day – you just have to open yourself to the opportunity to explore and experience them.

The World is Full of Inspiration

You cannot force inspiration to come to you, but if you are willing to explore the world, open your mind to the unexpected and the new, the beautiful and the sublime, and be more mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and the people around you, you can cultivate the inspiration you seek, and live a far more creative, fulfilling life.

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