Your Daily Focus: August 10-16

Your Daily Focus: August 10-16 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

In some parts of the country, students are getting ready to head back to school, and many college students are saying goodbye to their families, moving into dorms, and getting ready to start their journey towards fulfilling their fullest potential.

Often, as we get older we feel that our growth and efforts to better ourselves is done, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter how old we are, or where we are on our path we should always be re-evaluating what we can do to to make sure that we are the best version of who we can be. I hope that this week’s Daily Focus will inspire you to continue searching for your destiny.

August 10

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” -Roy T. Bennett

We are usually our own harshest critics and because of this, we tend to have self-sabotaging tendencies. Other people will happily tell us what we can and can not accomplish, or place limitations on what we can achieve in our lives; this is a power that we should not give to anyone. It is always important to be honest with ourselves and know our strengths and weaknesses, but we should also continuously push ourselves to do a bit better than what we did today. It can be amazing what we are able to achieve when we truly believe in ourselves. Today’s word is Imagine.

August 11

“Some advice from a beginner: never judge your full potential based on your first run.”

When we start in a new direction we are bound to have setbacks or to fall short of our expectations, and sometimes we allow those initial speedbumps to make a rash judgment on how we will ultimately fare if we continue in that direction. Most of us fell off our bicycles when we were children learning to ride a bike, and yet, in time, we were able to master it. If we had let those initial feelings of failure to stop us, we never would find ourselves cruising around the block! Give yourself some time and never make a snap decision that you have made a mistake. We all start with baby steps, no matter what our age or what the task. Today’s word is Endurance.

August 12

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our pasts may have contributed to who we are, but they do not define us. Likewise, who we will become and what we will experience will not define us in the future. They are important, but not nearly as important as who we are now. The strength of who we are at our core will determine what we shall become, how we will face the challenges that will slow us down, and how we treat those that we come into contact with. Embrace who you are and know that you are stronger than what you imagine or believe. Today’s word is Heart.

August 13

“To reach your greatest potential you’ll have to fight your greatest fears.”

Fears are a greater threat to our personal growth than any other challenge or limitation, that we may have. For some it is a fear of failure that holds them back, others it is a fear of making the wrong choice; but no matter the ultimate reason we need to be able to face those fears in order to break through to the other side and find happiness. If we believe in what we are trying to achieve in our life, we should try to allow that to give us the courage to take that first step, and the second, and the third. Today’s word is Boldness.

August 14

“Your inner potential cannot develop without your willingness and conscious participation.” -Philip Arnold

Much like how it is impossible to win the lottery without buying a ticket, we need to be active participants in our lives. Being able to be in the moment, without projecting our fears for the future or being lost to the past is important to being able to create the life that we want to have. This is why it is crucial to be sure of who we are today, not who we were yesterday, last month, or last year. When we are aware of where we are today we are better able to make conscious decisions and be in the driver’s seat. Today’s word is Sentience.

August 15

“I’ve chosen opportunities where I might fail rather than live in the shadow of my own potential.” -Reshma Saujani

Fear of failing often keeps us stuck and because of this, we don’t live up to our full potential. When we do this we end up living with the “should haves, would haves, and could haves” and when we get older we will look back and wonder what our lives might have been like if we had only taken the path that challenges us or pushes us outside of our boxes. Starting this month, don’t allow the harder path to scare you into complacency, let your choices and opportunities allow you to always live in the sun of what is instead of the shadow of what might have been. Today’s word is Intrepid.

August 16

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” -Lao Tzu

Every beginning comes from something else ending, this is the basis of the Law of Transformation. Saying goodbye to who we were, whether that comes from a divorce, retirement, moving, health reasons, marriage, a new job, or the birth of a child, our new life comes at the ending – the death – of who we once were. Change will always happen, and what matters most is how we face those changes and the support systems that we have in place. It is still okay to mourn the loss of the caterpillar that we once were while celebrating the butterfly that we have become. Today’s word is Cocoon.

Don’t let the young be the only ones who grow and change and contribute to the world that we share. Get in there and show them how it is done and be guides for them, so that they get it right!

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