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Understanding Your Daily Focus

It’s the end of Libra Season, and I want to do things a little bit differently for this one. Libras are the social sign, associated with justice, communication, and attraction. This is a time when we might be feeling exceptionally flirty. Libras are Air signs, and as such are interested in both the social aspects of life, as well as the metaphysical, the pleasurable, and the beautiful. Libra wants a taste of everything, they could never be satisfied with just one of anything. Life is meant to be explored, felt, and experienced.

One of my favorite things about Libras, and Libra season, is how this energy can bring us together. This, perhaps more so than any of the other zodiac signs, brings us together as a collective. So instead of just looking at the ways in which we connect, for this week’s Daily Focus, I wanted to play on that connectivity and instead do a community Tarot forecast for the last week of Libra season. As we head into fall, and the colder, darker months leading us into winter, it’s a good time to reach out to others with our whole hearts and make the effort to form lasting connections that will carry over beyond the warmth of summer and the social pull of autumn.

Saturday, October 16

“The Page of Cups is about exploring your feelings. The page is not afraid to say how they feel, or to ask how others feel in turn.”

I like to think of Pages as embodying the energy of childlike wonder. It’s not so much that they are childish, rather that they approach the world with their heart on their sleeve, willing to show their emotions, be vulnerable, ask questions, and put themselves out there. Libras are notorious flirts, so don’t be afraid to tap into that energy here and shoot your shot.

Sunday, October 17

“The Hierophant represents an external system of social status. Sometimes the church, or other institution. It’s bigger than just one person, and almost always relates back to spirituality or social progress in some way.”

The Hierophant here is reminding of us our community, of the people around us who we have the ability to connect with in a deeper, more spiritual way. Now is the time to embrace others around you, to listen to their stories, and offer communal healing.

Monday, October 18

“The World shows us that there are many paths ahead, many possibilities, and many chances for growth.”

The World is all about possibilities, which Libra loves. This card is for those of us who want more. Now is the time to look forward, to think about the possibilities that lie ahead. There are a lot of paths to walk, and Libra has trouble choosing. If you’re having trouble making choices now, you can always wait it out and make the big choices next week when we’ve moved into Scorpio.

Tuesday, October 19

“The Knight of Wands charges into battle, ready to fight. He is passionate, and not afraid to risk it all for what he wants.”

The Knight of Wands brings some much-needed action to Libra season. Today is the day to take the flirty, fun energy of Libra and bring some tangible, passionate energy to what might otherwise feel like stagnation or inaction, due to not being able to make a choice. This is a good time to make the first moves or even just prepare to make the moves.

Wednesday, October 20

“The Knight of Swords is as sharp as his sword. He can fight with both wit and weapon.”

Like the Knight of Wands, the Knight of Swords is ready for action. If yesterday brought passion and planning for action, today brings a chance to execute it. The Knight of Swords is clever and capable, more so, perhaps than any other Knight. This is the time to really finalize any choices you’ve been dwelling on.

Thursday, October 21

“The Queen of Pentacles is the ultimate caregiver, the mother archetype.”

The Queen of Pentacles is a reminder to care for those around us, and for ourselves. As we are now well and truly in autumn, it’s time to begin thinking about planning for winter, making sure our needs are met. Libra’s needs are largely social and romantic, so take the time today to make room for those closest to you.

Friday, October 22

“The Three of Cups is all about platonic intimacy, sisterhood, friendship, and community.”

Libra loves friendship, romance, and all beautiful interactions. The Three of Cups is all about community, and that is where Libra absolutely thrives. As we leave Libra season for Scorpio season, take the time to appreciate the connections you’ve made and deepened this season.

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