Discover Joy with 3/30 Numerology

Discover Joy with 3/30 Numerology | California Psychics

The Power of Three Numerology

3/30 numerology applies to anything or anyone, bearing the number three. You will feel its effects whether it’s the third month of the year, the third or thirtieth day of March, or days with those numbers in any month, as well as days with numbers that add up to three, like 12 or 21, in each month. When it is March 3 (where threes align as 3-3) or March 30 (where threes align as 3-30) the energy of three carries an extra power punch. Check with one of our wonderful Numerologists here on California Psychics to see if you carry the number three anywhere in your life path or numerology chart. If you do, you are lucky, for three is the number of sheer joy. When you add a zero to it, you get amplified joy, to infinity!

When you enter into a three day or 30 day, say what is in your heart and on your mind and express your feelings, for it’s likely you’ll be understood and appreciated. These are days during which you may feel brave, courageous, and adventurous. Be ready for the power surge of pure, happy energy to fill you up and make your heart sing. Feel the blissful joy of three energy as it flows through you. Let your inner child out to play!

The Gifts of Three Numerology

If your birth numbers and/or life path add up to three or 30, you are all about happiness, optimism, creativity, communication, inspiration, imagination, and you have a sparkling sense of humor. The fact that you could argue a lawyer under the table doesn’t hurt, either. The good news here is that you tend only to fight when you know you are right.

Your thinking is sharp, incisive, and perceptive. Your innate optimism helps you see the silver lining of every cloud. You follow your inner muse of creativity in everything you do. You are kind, compassionate, and encouraging. You have some acting ability. (Think of those moments when you were asked how you were doing, and while you felt awful, said you were doing just fine and even believed it yourself!) You speak well and you can write well, even if you are just writing a thank you note.

Three can be Difficult

The more difficult side of three energy is feeling indecisive when faced with too many choices; being argumentative just to be contrary, and being overly critical of others and of oneself. It can be easy to scatter one’s energy into too many directions. Those carrying the three vibration can be very sensitive to criticism and respond in turn with cruelty. Threes can suffer from giving into this kind of hurtful behavior, for they much prefer to be kind.

The Tarot Connection

The Empress card is the third Major Arcana card in Tarot Nature, and she represents more of the lovely aspects of three: nurturing, fertile creativity, and abundance.

The Divine Three

The number three carries Divine aspects. It is found everywhere. In Christianity, you find three in the Godhead: The Father, Son, Holy Spirit. You see it in the Kabbalah: Male, Female, Uniting Intelligence. It’s also in The Great Triad of the Tao: Heaven, Human, Earth.

Three in Stories and Nature

You also find it in stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, or the Three Little Pigs, or the genie who grants three wishes. Three is found in design principles, for three things tend to carry a bit more visual interest than things placed using even numbers. You see it in Time itself: Past, Present, Future. There are three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, from which almost every other color can be obtained. You see three in the make-up of the human being: Body, Mind, Spirit, and in the make-up of nature: Earth, Sea, and Sky.

A Unique Number in Numerology

To break down the numerology of three further, one plus two equals three. Three combines the energies of one and two. The One vibration is independent, strong, positive, masterful, and multi-talented, as well as a natural leader. Patience is something Ones need to work on, but they can attain even that once they decide they want it.

Two is a team-player, a healer, a compassionate, loving partner who is empathic and intuitive. Overcoming crankiness is a challenge, but Twos can do so by applying their deep capacity for lovingkindness to others as well as to themselves.

Combine these numbers and aspects into the Three vibration and sprinkle in lots of joy, happiness, and optimism, along with the divine energy of incredible creativity, and you have some magic, my friend. If Threes can rise above being overly critical of themselves and others, and they can if they really want to, they are golden. Visualize the three-pointed golden triangle. Isn’t it amazing how the Universe makes numbers work together with such flawless design?

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