Should You Be Afraid of Luck?

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A Force of Luck

Are you afraid of luck? Should you be? The short answer is no. Luck is often defined as a force that brings you good fortune, success, happiness, and prosperity by chance, and there’s nothing to fear about those things.

The Chance Element

However, sometimes people feel they should be afraid of luck or refuse to believe in it at all, because of the chance element. They feel that if they have to trust in something happening by chance, it means they have no control over it. Some people experience wonderful luck in their lives but are constantly afraid that in the future they will fail and have awful luck at any moment. They become afraid to trust in something good happening because the other shoe might drop. This can understandably create anxiety and fear.

Overcome the Fear of Luck

There are ways to overcome this fear. It can help to remember that Spirit asks us to live in faith, not fear. This means accepting that we are not always in control, but a higher power is. We are often shown the future with great clarity and accuracy, either through our intuition, or psychic readings, or even our dreams. But we are not meant to know everything that will happen, no matter what our resources are, because we are meant to grow through faith.

Prayer is a way of asking for help and blessings, what some may interpret as good luck. Sometimes prayers appear to not be answered, what some may interpret as not so good luck. We are taught that God answers our prayers in a few different ways:

  • You receive what you desire
  • You don’t receive what you desire because there’s something even better coming for you
  • You wait because what you want will come in Divine Timing.

How the Spirit is Connected to Luck

Spirit can be thought of as the force behind luck, and it works in mysterious ways by blessing us with events that may seem to come about by chance alone. But very often, there’s little chance involved and instead, it’s a lot of prayers being answered.

Can hard work increase your luck? Sure, it can, and it often does. As the Roman Stoic Philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

There’s much to be said for working hard and staying focused and persevering toward your goals. But is it a mistake when some people deny their luck or blessings and instead take sole credit for their achievements? Yes, because that is the path of ego and arrogance. This way of thinking gives no gratefulness or appreciation for help received through Spirit. We are always being helped by Spirit, even when we don’t realize it.

Think of the times when an event or circumstance appeared to be unlucky but turned out to be great good luck for you or someone you love. Perhaps you were delayed from traveling to an important appointment by your car suddenly breaking down, but you realized you were protected from almost certainly getting into an accident while being on the road. Or your child was denied entry into a school but ended up getting into a different school that fit their needs perfectly.

Trust Your Life

Trusting in life is an excellent way to increase your good luck. If you trust that everything will work out for your highest good, it has a way of doing just that. You will magnetize lovely things, events, and people in your life.

Those who live in fear tend to shut down and block their good. They are too scared to take any chances or do anything that has the slightest risk. They are afraid to trust in luck, thinking it will probably end up being bad luck. They won’t let themselves open their hearts enough to even allow love in, frightened of being hurt, they’ve come to believe that only terrible things will ever happen.

How freeing it is to fearlessly trust in your luck, your good, and in life itself. Open yourself up like colorful violas in the sun and be filled with love and trust in yourself and Spirit. When you allow yourself to have faith in luck, blessings, and happy circumstances, it will be a wonderful self-fulfilling prophecy for you.

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