A Tarot Spread To See if You’re on the Right Path

An image of a seven-card Tarot spread arranged in a pyramid. The first three cards make up the ascending left side, the fourth card is the top of the pyramid, and cards five through seven make up the right side of the pyramid. To the left of the spread is a candle, and to the right is a potted plant.

Are You Making the Right Choices?

The question of whether you’re on the right path and making the right choices can be a perplexing one. Luckily, it can, in fact, be answered with enough self-honesty and self-reflection. Tarot in particular can be a great tool for interrogating this idea, as it offers ancient wisdom through symbolic imagery.

Almost all humans wonder at some point if they’re making the right choices and heading the right way. This mixes life’s practical and everyday matters with ancient spiritual concerns. Note that even if you’re on the right path, it will still contain a combination of “good” and “bad” days. Moving in the correct direction doesn’t mean you won’t encounter any bumps in the road, after all. Luckily, patterns should emerge which will reveal the overall “rightness” or “wrongness” of any job or life-path activity.

Below is a seven-card spread to help you discern whether you are making the right choices and going the right way.

Right Path Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread can help you to uncover whether you are on the path that leads to your highest good. Shuffle well, then cut the deck. Place them face down on the table in front of you. Focus on your current path, seeing all its parts as they manifest in your day-to-day life.

When you are ready, draw seven cards randomly from the deck and arrange them in a rainbow arc, starting at the right end of the rainbow with card one. Keep the cards face down, then turn them over one by one. Below are the questions that you should ask yourself as you do so, as well as some example cards that one might pull and what they might say about whether you’re making the right choices:

Card One: Does This Path Enliven and Empower Me?

Eight of Pentacles


You easily absorb the information you need, almost as if your soul is participating in your training! You apply all of yourself to the activities in question and get pleasantly “lost” in your work. The knowledge you need to acquire will flow naturally, as if some part of you already knows it.


Your mind wanders, and you feel bored and drained. You can’t seem to concentrate on what you need to know. Really, you don’t want to. You feel boxed in.

Card Two: Does It Help Me Transform and Release Negativity?



You are developing courage and perseverance because of what’s occurring along this path. You feel the reality of Spirit over matter. The power of love flows through you, helping you heal yourself and others. Forgiveness and compassion flow from the highest use of willpower. By making the right choices, as well as blessing and then releasing everyone — especially those who cause you trouble — you walk unimpeded toward your own greatest good.


You can’t seem to rise to the ongoing challenge. This activity makes you feel compromised. You want this to be over with.

Card Three: Am I Blessed and Protected on This Path?

The Star


When you’re on the right path and making the right choices, it will renew your faith in yourself and life. Things just seem easier. Hope and optimism greet you when you wake up in the morning, and good fortune seems like it’s perched on your doorstep. You can expect a flow of abundance. A long-held wish is coming true. Higher forces are supporting you!


You feel cynical and wish you were elsewhere. You think that the Universe probably doesn’t need more of this product or service. You may be right about that.

Card Four: Does This Path Keep Me in Balance?


Upright or Reversed

If you get this card, ask yourself some questions to decide if you’re making the right choices. How does this path affect the health of your body, mind, and spirit right now? Does it help you promote peace in the world, or does it only cause more chaos and contention? Can you utilize all the various elements of your personality, along with your skills and abilities, in a way that gives value to yourself and others?

Does this path challenge you in a healthy way, or does it stress you out so much that you over-consume substances or overdo any aspect of your life? What are your feelings telling you about how to bring more balance into your life? You can have too much of even very good things. Respond appropriately to each present moment by tuning in to your Higher Self.

Card Five: Does It Help Me Overcome My Limitations?

The Devil


Someone or something else is calling the shots right now, and they don’t have your best interests at heart. You feel trapped.


You are breaking through limitations and constraints with this card in its reversed position. You’re moving toward freedom and facing the things that are holding you back. You’re getting rid of the attachments and addictions that rob you of power and joy, and you’re going to execute your duties on this path. Honor, responsibility, and privilege are the by-products of this, but they are not the end result that you’re seeking. You know that material gain isn’t everything. Even when you’re achieving wealth, you carry it lightly and use it for the greater good.

Card Six: Does It Connect Me to Inspiration and Joy?

The Sun


Does this pathway give you energy? Is there time for recreation, or is it just more and more work, piled higher and deeper? If the answer is “yes” to the good stuff and “no” to the bad, then you’re on the right path, and this will bring you growth and contentment. This road contains room for expansion and new vistas. It will help your energy flow and encourage happy relationships. However, if the answers are flipped, it’s time to consider whether you’re making the right choices for your own happiness.


Does this activity make you feel tired and drained? Does it leave no time for recreation, fun, and joy in your schedule? Get out quickly.

Card Seven: Can I Use It To Channel More Goodness Into the World Through Service?

Queen of Wands


The energy of this loyal and trustworthy queen flows through your interactions. You’ve mastered the ability to quiet anxiety and desperation while maintaining a functional outlook, knowing intuitively what needs to be done. You are a skillful manager, and this ability is based on know-how and ethics. You can weave teams together to accomplish projects, all using the energy of impersonal love.


Deception, gossip, and treachery reign here. Be careful of what you say and how you say it. Ultimately, regardless of how “perfect” your behavior is, you can’t win. Go elsewhere, and things will be so much better for you.

The Right Choices for You

This spread can be used to analyze the pros and cons of each potential, new, or existing situation in your life. Experiment with the Tarot, and let its insights lead you to where your true path lies. Happy travels!

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