The Illusion (and Challenge) of Psychic Timelines

All Time is Now

The brilliant physicist, Albert Einstein, was quoted as saying,“The dividing line between the past, present and the future is an illusion.” As he developed his (now) famous special theory of relativity, he observed that all time is surrounding us every moment we live. While that is a very deep concept, more and more discoveries in the fields of Hadronic mechanics, theoretical physics and other amazingly wonderful disciplines are proving this theory to be correct.

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Time is Constantly Moving

When a psychic glimpses into your future, this gifted person is looking through a perception of linear time and observing that most astounding river of consciousness that is contained in a continual ebb and flow around our perceived reality. It’s this understanding that “all time is now” that aids in a truly profound reading. It is also this constant movement of time (and all the events and people who affect that river) that can shift the timeline witnessed by the psychic.

Timelines Get Altered

Many of my clients have commented on my accuracy with timelines. However, there have been some readings in which the event happened as originally observed but the timeline had been altered from the original reading. Why does this happen? This is where the psychic world meets the scientific realm and the merging is much more balanced than what might initially meet the eye!

A Pebble in a Pond

When a pebble is tossed into a still pond, ripples begin to transmit from the point of impact. When an additional pebble is tossed in, the ripples begin to overlap and affect the movement and rhythm of the original pebble’s impact. This is very similar to timelines. When a psychic begins to track the timeline of a specific event, it is from the standpoint of one “pebble.” Depending on how deep the reading is going or what can be perceived beyond the initial “impact,” that will determine the final outcome of the timeline. The actions of other people, the influence of a myriad of other events, and many more ever-changing elements have a very direct and powerful impact on the final date of an outcome.

The Collective Consciousness

Time is not necessarily moving at a constant rate; only we perceive it to be so. Our collective consciousness demands that we deal with time in a linear fashion—always moving in one direction. But just because we all agree on a perception does not make the perception accurate. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago when the collective opinion embraced the idea that the world was flat.

You Are Continually Creating Your Future

Each moment we live in this dimension, we are continually creating our future. When you realize that all time, in its powerful and unlimited force, is literally at your fingertips, it also means that you have the power to create your future in the exact manner in which you desire. You cannot change the elements in someone else’s life any more than you can change their perception of the time that flows around us all. However, you can release past energies and thoughts and behaviors and create a future filled with amazing possibilities!

There Are Many Pebbles in Your Pond

If a situation upon which you have been focused doesn’t materialize in the timeframe you desire, remember the effects of the pebbles. Many pebbles are constantly being thrown into the “still pond” of time and those ripples can, and will, change. However, a good psychic will guide you into the final result of your reading and help you prepare for the outcome, regardless of what it may be.

You Are Creating Your Future Right Now

The future belongs to you as much as the past. And only you can create your future—and you are doing it right now. Make it count! Call today and let’s examine all of your wonderful possibilities.

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9 thoughts on “The Illusion (and Challenge) of Psychic Timelines

  1. Anauel - 9773

    Jesse, your article and research on “The Illusion of Psychic Timelines” is exceptional. I have been teaching clients this for years and I am so thrilled that you have put this knowledge out to the public in an articulate and well thought out article. A+ Jesse. Educating the general public is our only hope for being understood. Keep up the great contributions.

    Annual – 9773

  2. Psychic Felicia 5033

    Great article Jesse ! My name is Psychic Felicia ext. 5033, I would like to share some insight into a question asked by Steve: How can a timeline be off by a year or potentially 2 or 3 years? I have had readings in the last 15 years that did just that! People are not always ready to embrace the change they long for. When a Psychic gives a timeline, the person getting the reading may decide to put off the event until a distant date when they are ready for change. Example: I did a reading where the reading said: 3 weeks after she broke up with her boyfriend, she would meet the person she would have a loving relationship/marriage and I gave her a decription of what he looked like. She changed her mind 2 days after that reading and decided to stay with her boyfriend for 2 more years…then they broke up…destiny stepped in…. 3 weeks to the day, the man I described came into her life. I told her…Freewill can change timelines….BUT cannot change karmic events that are destined to happen! Destiny and Fate are REAL! Sometimes we can put it off…sometimes it comes crashing down on us when we least expect it, thats why having a reading gives you insight of things to come and hope for a brighter future.

  3. Steve

    Very good article Jesse! I understood most of it but there was also some content that was over my head. My question tho is this – I understand a timeline being off by a week, or a few weeks, or even a few months or more. In my case, the timeline by all of the best psychics here is now off by going over a full year. And I see no signs of getting closer.. How can a timeline be off by a year or potentially 2 or 3 years?

  4. Kallista, ext. 9623

    Thank you for this insight on timing, Jesse. It’s a great article to direct clients to for greater understanding!

  5. LJ

    Jesse: Love this! It’s a fascinating, time-travelling, overlapping puzzle. You explained a complicated anomaly and made it make perfect sense. I really enjoyed reading this.

  6. Psychic Arwen

    Very true, and great explanation of this important concept. Like you, I have been complimented on my accuracy in timelines – which frankly I find surprising because, for me, timing is the most difficult thing! As I often explain to my clients, the future is not set in stone. We know from quantum physics that the future is a multi-branching pathway (“ripples,” as you so elegantly described it) and the decisions we each make from one moment to the next, will affect the ultimate outcome.


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