Types of Spirit Guides and How They Can Help You

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Taking Your Hand: A Guide to Spirit Guides

Just as people have guides, mentors, and teachers in daily life, so too is everyone blessed with ephemeral guides and guardians that can offer help from the spiritual realm. There are many different types of spirit guides that might come to aid you, from animal spirits to ancestral guardians, and each type of guide has its own energy and approach to helping you become the best possible version of yourself.

Here are a few different types of spirit guide that you may encounter in life. Just remember — it’s quite common to have more than one guide at a time. You may interact with them equally, or they may take turns (so to speak), with one stepping back so that another can help you through a particular leg of your journey. They are all still there; they just may not be your primary guide at the moment.

Animal Guides

Animal guides are exactly what they sound like. They can be the spirit or energy of a specific animal that has been a part of your life, or they can be akin to an animal totem. This type of guide is usually more of a companion than a teacher or guardian, though they can certainly step into those roles should the need arise.

Ancestral Guides

These spirit guides are usually deceased individuals who have some sort of connection to you. They can be dead loved ones with whom you were close, or they can be people from further back in your family tree. They often appear as guardian angels. Ancestral guides can help heal trans-generational wounds so that they don’t affect future generations of your family.

Ascended Masters

These spirit guides once lived on earth but have since moved on to a higher vibration and spiritual plane. These guides usually work with select soul groups. Some Ascended Masters include Kuan Yin, Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, and Nobu. Their primary focus is helping all of humanity.

Patrons or Matrons

In some traditions, people may have Patron/Matron spirits or guardians. These spirit guides are usually with a person for that individual’s entire life, though they may never make themselves known. Their energy can reflect your own, or it may be the exact opposite so you can learn what you’re lacking from them.


These are spirit guides that come into your life for a brief time to help you with a challenge, a lesson, or another aspect of life that you need assistance with. When you’re working with a mentor, most other spirit guides will step back to let that relationship grow and fulfill its purpose.

Devas and Pathfinder Guides

When you’re at a crossroads in life and need help choosing your path, you may discover that these spirit guides can step in and help you find clarity. They are here to help you achieve your soul’s purpose, rise above the physical world, and make good decisions. You can usually connect with devas and pathfinder guides through meditation.

Gatekeeper Guides

These spirit guides are usually important for people who are learning about or trying to strengthen their psychic abilities, especially ones that are medium-like in nature (that is to say, related to connecting to or speaking with the dead). Gatekeepers help keep out unwanted energies and spirits, while simultaneously offering guidance on how to best utilize one’s psychic abilities. They usually appear when someone’s psychic gifts are first awakening, so they can teach the person in question how to use discernment and protective spiritual techniques.

Enjoy the Company of Your Spirit Guides

These are just some of the many spirit guides that you may encounter throughout life. There are also guides who bring joy, messengers, healers, protectors, and energy/alchemical guides, among others. Most people can have anywhere from six to 12 guides watching out for them at any given time. That said, don’t worry about offending one by working with another. Guides and Divine Intelligence don’t have the same petty emotions that most humans have. They can see the bigger picture and know that sometimes people need to turn elsewhere for specific assistance.

By connecting with your spirit guides, either through meditation or consultation with a psychic, you can receive help with your spiritual development, learn more about which guides are connected to you, and hear the advice they have to offer.

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