Use the Law of Attraction

The laws of attraction can bring the desires you want into your life by simply using positive thought and letting the universe know “clearly” what you want.

You can magnify your powers of attraction by incorporating love symbols into your practice. Here’s how:

Choose a love symbol, from the list below that represents the kind of love you are looking to attract. Find a photo or a drawing of the symbol, make copies of it, carry it with you, hang it in your home and bedroom for one week. Then take them down – and stop thinking about romance.

Allow the laws of attraction to do their magic. Stay positive that love is on it’s way. Wait with patience and certainty. Be careful not to allow doubt to enter your mind. Know that the universe is working for you. When the universe sees fit it will happen. Trust it! Know it!

The Heart: The heart represents a person who is emotional and places others ahead of themselves. They know how to love and show their love through gestures of compassion, sentimental gifts and compassion. They do not take anyone or anything for granted. They appreciate nature, its creatures and its beauty. The heart can be smothering at times; you will have to want to be consumed in love to be with a heart.

Cupid: Cupid is a person who has a mysterious side to them. They run on desire and passion. They are easy to love but difficult to keep. You will have to keep reinventing yourself to keep the attraction of a cupid. their sense of fun is contagious. They have a wild side and like to take chances to keep the energy flowing. Cupids are risk takers and are always on the go. They are great in business but their interests change regularly, so you will have to be thick skinned to be with a cupid.

Ribbons, lace and frills: The person represented by this symbol is a hopeless romantic. They like old-fashioned traditions. A ribbons, lace and frills person enjoys moonlit walks, picnics, plenty of flowers and hand made food and gifts – thoughtful gestures to warm anyone’s heart. This person follows family ways. They want children, home cooking, as well as the things they grew up with as a child and still identify with today. They usually have had a good childhood home life. Ribbons, lace and frills believes in hard work and expects respect and acknowledgement for the efforts they show.

Butterfly: The person representing the butterfly is a free spirit. They have a unique personality and an unusual take on life. The butterfly is always changing to fit into its environment, adapt to new things and looks at challenge as a new adventure. They are not confrontational or defensive. If a situation turns negative the butterfly will just spread their wings and fly away. They are not afraid of change, they embrace it. You can’t keep a butterfly in one place so if you chose to love one, be sure you have wings as well.

Pyramid: The pyramid is a person who is highly spiritual with high moral values. They are offended by injustices and will not tolerate negative energy from their circle of friends. The pyramid is highly intelligent and is willing to share their knowledge but does not put up with ignorance, pretenders or those who have an opinion they can’t back up. They are open-minded and willing to learn and gain new expertise. To love a pyramid is always a learning experience, be prepared to be taught.

The Harp: The harp is a creative person who expresses love through performance. They are dramatic and emotional when it comes to any of their passions. They put their heart in everything they do and when rejected it’s their heart that is easily broken. The harp is a dreamer and believes that one day they will get their break. You will have to be patient with a harp and wait with them for that dream to come true. You will have to share the harp’s dreams or they will never include you in them again.

The Rose: The rose is a symbol that represents a loving person, so loving that they need to be admired by all. The rose would never allow its roots to look elsewhere, they just like to be in a crowded garden. A rose always looks better in a bouquet. If you treat a rose right they will always be yours, but be prepared to share their time. They do not like selfishness especially in their partner. Allow them to be the center of attention and during your time alone, you will be the rare flower that they will always admire.

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