8 Signs in Your Dreams that Tell You About Your Career

8 Signs in Dreams That Tell You About Your Career | California Psychics

Dreaming of More

Have you ever felt like success was right around the corner? Whether you are up for a big promotion or are manifesting a bump in your salary, success in your career may be on its way. Besides the regular signs, such as praise from your boss or peers, there may be signs from your dreams that show career success is on the way.

Career Success in Dreams

What dreams indicate success? In general, if the feelings you get from the dream are positive, the meaning is positive as well. These themes symbolize good fortune is in store for you, but can also indicate luck coming to others in your life. If someone you know is the focus of one of these dreams, it could mean that you are currently helping to channel their future success.

Symbols of Career Success

Below are eight symbols that you may come across in your dreams that could indicate that career success is headed your way.

A Path

If you are traveling along a path, it may be a sign that you are ready to see where the road ahead may take you. Whether you are walking, driving, or taking some other form of transit, this can be a hint that your career is on the move. Your dream may be telling you that you are ready for change and may be feeling stagnant in your current position.


Dreams where you are flying, either in a plane or just soaring, could be a hint that you are ready to move up to the next level in your current employment. Reaching new heights can sometimes be scary. If the flying in your dream makes you anxious, the dream may indicate that you are craving stability or assurance.

Birth and Babies

A baby is an exciting new beginning. While dreaming of birth or babies in dreams can have different interpretations, when focused on work, babies can symbolize the desire to start something fresh. This can be anything from a new position to a new project.


Like the path, if you have a dream where you are walking or hiking up a mountain, this may be symbolic of the corporate ladder that you are ready to climb. Hiking takes perseverance and shows that you are willing to struggle to achieve something, even at a slow pace if need be.


A dream where you are swimming or at the edge of a body of water can be symbolic of the fact that you are ready to tread deeper waters. Perhaps you are not feeling challenged in your current position, it may be time to move on to something less shallow.


Going for the gold can mean exactly that when dreaming. When gold appears, especially as a gift, the riches of life may soon be coming to your door. While gold can literally represent wealth and influence, it can also signify your personal talent and intellect. You are recognizing that you are a valuable asset and feeling the impact of your worth.


Similar to gold, a flame or fire can symbolize brightened horizons in your future. If you are filled with ambition, fire in a dream can represent the passion and desire that you feel. Recalling that your feelings about the dream hint at its interpretation, if the fire in your dream is a warm and enticing light, then the meaning is usually positive too. The flame can be a symbol of rebirth, a readiness to reinvent yourself or change roles–like a phoenix in the career world.

Taking a Test or Passing Exams

Unlike dreams where you are anxious about school, a dream where you are confidently passing an exam signal that you are confident in your abilities and ready to excel. This may indicate that you are ready to take on a big project or more responsibility.

Let Your Dreams Inspire You

The first step in deciphering your dreams is to keep an accurate recording of them. Keep a Dream Journal (or your phone’s notes app) at your bedside and try and write down everything you can remember about the dream, as soon as you wake up. Highlight any common themes, symbols, or reoccurring signs to help you identify the message more easily. If you are focused on evaluating your career, sometimes your subconscious can do the work for you. If you need more assistance in identifying certain messages, a Dream Analysis Psychic can give you more insight.

When you first wake up, try and take a few moments to recall and go over what you just dreamt. This time will allow you to recall details that might dissipate when you get up. Remember that once you have a clear direction from your dream, allow that abundant and successful energy to inspire you to make big moves while you are awake.

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