DreamCast: Rotten Floorboards

This is a repetitive dream… I’m in a large, old, dilapidated house. I’m in the first room and I can’t get out unless I travel across the room to the other side. There is no furniture, rugs, windows or doors except the one on the other side of the room, but the floorboards are all rotten. So I walk slowly and close to the walls and try to guess the 16 inches between the stringers so I won’t fall through the floor. It takes all my energy and concentration to get to the door, only to open it to find another room just like the one I’m in. I can’t go back but continue again like the first room, which takes more energy and concentration. When I get to the other side and open the door, it is the same thing over and over and over again. There are no colors except gray — everything is gray and so dimly lit I can barely see.

Naida in Fort Fairfield (born: 12/16/58)

Hello Naida,

I think your life needs a serious overhaul. The decrepit old house is a warning. It seems you’ve stopped growing because you’re doing the same things over and over again. You need to use your creativity to forge a new path. The rotten floorboards are a particularly vivid symbol of the unstable foundation of your life. The grayness is simply depressing. What you need is a more colorful life! Perhaps it’s time to take some risks toward living your dream. You’re a Sagittarius, after all, – the sign of dreams and vision. Look at the bigger picture of where you’re headed and begin to establish some new goals. Retrograde Pluto backs into Sagittarius for three months beginning June 13, 2008, which should help purge your old way of life and set you on a new path.

Best of luck!

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