Hawks in Dreams

According to influential psychologist Carl Jung, the ancient Greeks and Native American cultures, animals in dreams are potent symbols to track and study. Their presence gives you a deeper understanding of your inner life, hidden fears, and the ways in which you deal with the outside world. In Native American systems, the hawk is as revered as Zeus in Greek mythology. She is a warrior and a visionary imbued with enough bravery and skill to surmount any dangerous situation.

The hawk is also a symbol of the desire for freedom, a very common theme in the one place where anything is possible and anything can be — dreams. Not surprisingly, if a hawk appears in your dreams and soars, you have big plans which require the mental stamina and focus of the hawk to see them through. Likewise, as animals represent our most basic impulses and desires, if she is caged, it may mean that you are restricted by a stifling relationship or job and require a method of liberation. In some dream texts, the hawk means that you could be cheated on in the near future, or may become the object of scrutiny by an enemy. It may also mean that your perceptions are becoming especially keen, and that you are seeing a situation for the first time for what it actually is.

From any angle, animals are yet another evocative tool to understand the poetic language of dreams.

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