DreamCast: The Underdeveloped Part

All in a dream

I dreamed I was in a room holding Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter). I was explaining to her that her parents were very famous and that she would be very famous herself. I went on to tell her that she didn’t even have to do anything to achieve success and wealth. I also said that she was a person and she had to work in life, to make her own mark in the world. My arms were wrapped around her, holding her head. On the backside of her head, I felt something hard, like a knob or a large stitch. It was sticking out a bit, almost like a Frankenstein-like head. I wondered what it was and if her head had been opened and closed back up when she was born. Then suddenly, two elephant trunks came through two entrances, looking for our heads. I’m not sure if they wanted to harm us or not and either way, I didn’t have any fear. I simply covered my head with one hand and Suri’s with the other, to protect us. The trunks weren’t aggressive and a girl came by, who controlled them. She smiled at us, the trunks left (under her guidance) and she locked the door behind her. Then the room turned into a clothing boutique, with clothes and karaoke!

Susan in Los Angeles

Dear Susan,

Suri is an undeveloped part of you. You were actually talking to this part and sharing your views about success. It’s interesting that you said fame and wealth were a given for Suri, but she did need to work to make her mark in the world. Is that how you feel about your own abilities, that fame and wealth come easily only if one has a privileged background? Also, I got the impression that accomplishment is more important to you than fame and wealth.

An interesting symbol was the knob on the back of her head. Of course, Frankenstein’s monster was his creation. Perhaps Suri is your creation. Her head represents the birth of new ideas. The elephants, too, were interested in your heads. How do you feel about elephants? They may have some personal meaning for you. As an archetypal symbol, they often represent long memories. Perhaps the dream is encouraging you to get in touch with your younger self to access the aspirations you had – and may still have at an unconscious level. The clothing boutique and karaoke may symbolize the arts (or perhaps you have aspirations to become a singer or designer!).

Sweet dreams,


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