Lucid Dreaming 101

Lucid Dreaming 101 | California Psychics

Step into Your Unconscious Mind

What are dreams, what is their purpose, and can our dreams be controlled? These questions have challenged the greatest philosophers and scientists for centuries. However, in the last century, a great deal of scientific, psychic, and spiritual exploration has led to the dimensional consideration of dreams. It is in the study of the mind/spirit/body connection where science and metaphysical disciplines converge.

Lucid dreaming is, by definition, a conscious and deliberate awareness while in the full R.E.M. stage of sleep. R.E.M. is the Rapid Eye Movement stage where most dreams are remembered or fully experienced by the dreamer. In addition to having the ability to incorporate external sounds or sensations into the dreamscape, this time of sleep is also the best time to “dive into” your personal programming, which is the core of lucid dreaming.

Simplicity and Success

Do you have a goal that is evading you or an issue you want to resolve? Lucid dreaming may hold the answers. The best parts of lucid dreaming are the simplicity of the process and the success it can bring. There are documented cases of people in lucid dreaming sleep studies who have reported tasting fire and walking on the sun. Such things that, in our waking world, would be deemed impossible to the point of nonsense.

Your Five-Minute Script

There are many pre-recorded lessons on lucid dreaming that can guide your dreams, but you may find greater success by using your own voice for your own specifications. Begin by clarifying the goal. Do you want to lose weight? Get a new job? Have more success in romance? Write a five-minute “script” that defines, in detail, what you want to accomplish. Record what you have written for your script on your computer or another listening device with a playback feature.

Words and White Noise

When you begin recording, use a gentle, slow tone of voice. Make your voice as soothing and monotone as possible. The purpose of this is to signal to your sleeping brain that you are delivering an important message. You may also want some calming music playing in the background as you read. After you have recorded your script, allow some white noise to continue in the recording. White noise can simply be dead air, or it can be some recording of the wind or of a gentle rain. After a few minutes, repeat your script. Your words and music will begin to program your sleeping brain to accept and embrace your goals. This recording can run repeatedly throughout your sleep time.

The Brain Confined

Einstein proved that all time was happening right now. Therefore, through vast dimensional possibilities, the answer to your question is already known, and the events surrounding it have already occurred. People are simply unable to easily attain this information through the confines of traditional Western thought. As a result, we need to open our understanding to deeper forms of communications with other dimensions. This is where lucid dreaming really has an edge over almost any other type of self-exploration.

Get Comfortable with the Process

Once you begin to program your unconscious to accept and utilize lucid dreaming techniques, it is important to create a discipline around it, so you can become comfortable with the process. When you listen to your script every night, the results of your efforts should become more and more tangible over the next few weeks.

Keep a Journal

Be sure to keep a journal or notebook near your bed with a pen nearby. You should record the very first things you think about when you open your eyes in the morning. You will notice a real connection between what you are remembering and what is starting to happen in your waking life.

Your dreams are the gateway to an amazing moment of personal growth and empowerment. Free your unconscious mind. Your questions already have answers.

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