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Sex dreams aren’t always about sex. When you dream about sex it means that you have a desire to be aroused. Learning why you had one can be fun! Have you ever dreamed of having sex with someone you know, but aren’t the least bit attracted to? Or dreamed of romping in bed with a celebrity – or even a stranger? Have you ever dreamed of having sex with (gasp!) an animal? Such titillating dreams are perfectly normal.

These dreams often symbolize your sexual attitudes or desires, or they can reflect your urge to merge with a characteristic of your dream lover – a quality that you want in yourself. As you can see, sex dreams aren’t always about sex. Let’s take a look into the sometimes-salacious world of sexy dreams to decipher their hidden messages.

Your sex life
The most obvious reason for dreaming of sex is that you went to bed aroused, and the dream was a reflection of your, um, hormones. The dream might have provided an outlet for suppressed desire, or your unconscious mind might have wanted you to take notice of this part of your life – are you, by any chance, neglecting it? After all, the purpose of most dreams is to illuminate your inner world, so you can lead a more fulfilling life – in this case, a more fulfilling sex life.

However, as with all dreams, sexual dreams are seldom quite this obvious. If you awaken wondering why on earth you dreamed of being in bed with your boss, for instance, then the dream probably isn’t about desire, but about something else going on inside you.

All about you
The thing to remember is that most dream symbols represent parts of you. Take that naughty dream about your boss – it probably represents your need to take control of your career. In other words, you’re merging with your inner boss, so to speak. The same can be true of doing the wild thing with a wild animal in a dream. You’re embracing your instinctual side, which can be a source of creativity – or a symbol of undisciplined behavior you need to reign in. Celebrities fall into this category as well. If you dream of having sex with someone famous, ask yourself what you admire – or despise! – about this person. Chances are, that quality is being awakened in you.

Your beloved
On the other hand, dreams of sex with your significant other can reveal the health of your intimate connection. Take note of how you feel upon waking. Positive feelings point to a healthy sexual bond. Waking up feeling angry or frustrated is a warning sign that something’s amiss in your relationship. Hidden feelings can surface in dreams, so do some soul-searching to see if there’s an issue you need to talk over with your partner.

Gender bender
Dreams of merging with the opposite sex can also symbolize the merging of opposite “halves” of your psyche. If you’re a woman, you’re integrating the male (assertive, analytical, logical) part of your psyche. If you’re a man, you’re accessing the female (receptive, nurturing, passive) side of yourself. The more balanced you are, the more mental and emotional resources you’ll have at your disposal.

What about doing the deed with someone you don’t know? Strangers usually represent the awakening of a trait or talent that you’re presently unaware of. Again, note any feelings you have about the dream. This will reveal whether the trait is something you want to develop – or a troubling issue you need to resolve.

Dr. Freud
Of course, sex dreams don’t have to include a living partner. Inanimate objects can be naughty, too. Freud wrote that dreams about pointy objects – swords, bananas, snakes and the like – usuallly have to do with the penis. Likewise, ovens, caves and crevices can symbolize the vagina. Dream symbols can be highly personal, so you may have your own array of sex symbols that depict your sexual energy.

So the next time your naughty side emerges in a dream, ask yourself if it reveals something about your sexuality or primary relationship, or if it reveals a quality you’re developing. Sexy dreams can be both fun and enlightening, after all!

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  1. Aleta Jackson

    I’m having a lot of dreams that I don’t understand. every dream feels so real like am there, its like am always dreaming things before it happens


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