In Memory of Psychic Catherine

An image of Psychic Catherine, an older woman in a pink blazer and bright orange hair.

Psychic Catherine Has Passed Away

With heavy hearts, we must share the sad news that Psychic Catherine has passed away. Catherine had worked with California Psychics since 2009, and she provided over 37,000 readings in that time.

Catherine was extremely sweet and down-to-earth. She wanted to instill hope in the people around her. As a psychic, she exuded confidence in her readings and was tremendously experienced. She knew how to deliver complicated information in a way that was easily digestible, putting her customers at ease and leading many to describe her as a voice of calm during their struggles.

Here is what some of Psychic Catherine’s customers had to say about reading with her:

“Catherine is always on point. She is incredibly perceptive and provides a lot of details. She speaks with conviction and her predictions come to pass. She has the ability to calm the soul while being straightforward. She is compassionate and soothing, but will tell you the truth, whatever it may be. One of the very best psychics here and one of my go-to people!”

“She literally brought me to tears with her beautiful words and delivery. She is so calming and has such a wonderful presence about her. This was the best reading I have ever had. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

“Catherine is very calming and good to talk to when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. She always calms me down when I have things that worry me. She is able to give me a better perspective on things. Thank you.”

Catherine was exceptionally gifted, and she had a strong connection with the spirit world. We are soothed by the thought of her transition into the next dimension and know that she made that transition with love and light. We certainly won’t be surprised if she occasionally visits us from the beyond. We will leave Catherine’s bio page up for the next week so that those who loved her may pay their respects by visiting her profile page.

9 thoughts on “In Memory of Psychic Catherine

  1. Psychic Lucy

    Wow, Quick flight, And that usually is the best way to depart. Although so hard on loved ones, everybody can get peace in knowing That this beautiful angel is at rest. Catherine you helped everybody around you!

  2. Greta

    Once again I am truly saddened to hear of one of our psychics passing. Psychic Catherine will certainly be missed by many. As one of our long time psychics it is another piece of our hearts gone. I thank her for her dedication to helping others and being so much a part of the California Psychics family.

  3. Miss Krystal

    Oh my goodness. Catherine was such a sweetheart. She will be one of our angels here at CP. She was a beautiful soul. So positive. I am going to miss her. Sending my condolences to everyone.
    God bless. Miss Krystal

  4. Kelli Ryan

    Dearest Catherine, you are lovely soul and are sorely missed. Your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Bless you all,
    Kelli x5130

  5. Tyler

    I have never had a opportunity to speak with her I’ve heard wonderful things about her from fellow clients beautiful kind soul Rest In Peace may god and the universe lay peace on the hearts of her family


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