3 Signs Your Sex Life is too Comfortable

3 Signs Your Sex Life is too Comfortable

If You’re Comfortable You’re On Autopilot

Comfort can be a good sign in a relationship. It means that you feel secure, stable, loved, taken care of, and above all, that you’re happy. What’s wrong with that? Well, the problem with too much comfort, including when it comes to your sex life, is that you forget all the work that went into getting to that level of comfort.

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Comfort is an illusion in relationships. Our relationships are rarely as secure and as stable as we think they are. Think about how hard you’ve worked to get your relationship to that comfortable state. Are you done working? No! You have to work equally hard to maintain what you already have, whether it’s good health, a stable career, a happy home, and a satisfying sex life. You don’t get to switch to autopilot! Autopilot leads to breakups, divorce, and infidelity.

Is your sex life too comfortable? Here are three red flags to look out for and what you can do to step up your game.

1. Your Comfy Pants
You love your comfy pants. In fact, you’re probably wearing them now if you’re not at the office. Perhaps you live in them when you’re not at work, and why shouldn’t you? Your partner loves you unconditionally. You can wake up, roll out of bed, and still be loved—even with your morning breath. It’s a pretty cool feeling. However, don’t take advantage of that unconditional love.

Relationships are about give-and-take and the give part takes effort. So, make an effort to look nice for your partner. Go the extra mile and let them know that you’re still actively working to attract them. If you were thrust into the dating world once again, what kind of effort would you make to attract a mate? You’d probably forgo the comfy pants for an appealing look that makes you feel sexy. Don’t your partner, and your sex life deserve the same kind of effort and attention?

2. The Lack of Anticipation
Let’s say you and your partner have an active sex life. That’s great! Do you just get to it or is there any foreplay? Is there a dinner date or a movie date or some other romantic prelude? If not, you may want to reconsider. That’s because a great sex life includes anticipation and anticipation needs to build up. Think of sex as dessert. Isn’t dessert better after a great meal? And isn’t it fun to get dressed up for a great meal and a great dessert? And isn’t dessert even better when it’s something that sounds amazing, but you’ve never had it before? It’s that anticipation that makes it all the more exciting and sex can be that exciting too if you use anticipation to your advantage when it comes to your sex life.

3. The Ritual of Sex
When you have sex the same way on the same night every week, it turns into a ritual. There are no obstacles in your way, so you can take it or leave as you please. That’s like having an expensive sports car in your garage and not feeling like driving it because you can always drive it tomorrow. If you’ve gotten tired of that sports car, it’s because you have easy access to it. You can say the same about sex.

Don’t make it so easy to have sex with your partner! Instead, put obstacles in your way. You could ban sex for a week or even a month, knowing you can’t have it when you want it. You can have sex in a different spot every time to change things up or you can proposition your partner when they least expect it. Taking the ritual out of sex makes it feel less mundane.

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