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Best Crystals for Romance | California Psychics

Manifesting Love with Crystals

Love and romance make your heart sing and dance. Love really does make the world go ‘round, for it makes your world so much brighter and better in every conceivable way. Romance fills you with the incredible energy of joy, light, and happiness. If you want more of this in your life, and of course you do, whether you are in a relationship, or if you aren’t yet and desire to be, the Universe has provided you with a powerful way to help channel greater love right into your heart-life with crystal energy.

While there are many kinds of crystals for love and romance, because the Universe provides abundantly for us, I’ve chosen six of the most magnetic gemstones to focus on here. Six is the number of Love. In the Kabbalah, six is Tiphareth, the heart of the tree of life, which represents balance, equal give and take, beauty, and love. To directly draw on the power of your chosen gems for romance, lay down and place them on your heart as you program them. You can also lay them out in a power grid. Here are some of the best crystals for romance:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful love manifesting crystals. This lovely pink gemstone opens the Yang energy flow of your heart and helps you send and receive love, especially romantic love. Known as “the Heart Stone” and “the Crystal of Unconditional Love”, this beautiful gem is used in Heart chakra healing work. It represents universal love. It is considered to be the great love attractor, for both self-love and romance. Any shape of rose quartz will do, but an especially nice one in a lovely heart-shape, of whatever size you choose (size literally does not matter) can be kept anywhere you like, be it in your wallet or purse, your bedroom or coat pocket, or in a special place in your home. This favored gemstone is used in many necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings for a reason, because jewelry made of rose quartz is a wonderful way to keep this magical energy on your person, drawing in honeybee love to your heart flower.


The noble red ruby is the color of passion, and it is perfect to help renew and fan the flames of the lusty side of love in the bedroom. Ruled by the sun, this fiery gemstone has a royal lineage, for it is called “the King of Precious Stones.” It is a healing stone, associated with both the Base and Heart chakras. It is said to increase courage, confidence, and stamina, as well as strengthen love and the very heart itself, both physically and emotionally.


Sex, baby. Yes, we must go there too, for romance is a combination of emotional, spiritual, and physical expressions of love energy. Called the “Stone of Health”, garnet is potent. Associated with both the Base and Heart chakras, this deep red crystal is known to have creative and curative powers and will amp up the libido. Place garnet under your bed, for it is said to empower the sex drive of both you and your lover, infusing your lovemaking with red-hot energy.


Known as the “Stone of the Compassionate Heart” and associated with the Heart chakra, this soft pink-red gemstone warms the tender side of loving romance with its gentle Yin energy. Keep it near when meditating on building your love relationship, and when writing a love letter to another or to yourself, for it will help you increase your self-love, too.


This beautiful gem with its sparkling rainbow of colors is believed to attract love, happiness, optimism, and luck into your life. Attuned to the Crown chakra, it is called “the Eye Stone.” It represents the brilliance and flashes of light in the eyes and is believed to enhance eye health. This “Queen of Gems” holds erotic power. It is said that simply gazing upon its brilliant colors is stimulating to your love energy.


This gorgeous, precious jewel is the symbol of committed love, and if you’ve yet to be given one, give one to yourself! After all, you are in a love relationship with yourself all your life. It is aligned with the Crown chakra, even though it is considered healing and empowering to all chakras. It is linked to Divine Love. Considered a master healer, it is beneficial to balancing, strengthening, and purifying the brain, which is a great blessing for romance, because love begins in the brain. A diamond contains the fiery beauty of all colors. Called the “Stone of Invincibility”, and the “King of Gems”, this is the love-bearing gemstone of faithfulness, purity, light, and love eternal.

A Crystal Grid for Love

If you are seeking a romantic, loving relationship, a crystal grid is an excellent way to help boost your energy, and ask the Universe to assist you on this journey. Watch the video below for instructions on how to build a crystal grid for attracting love, and then build your own, infusing it with your intentions and love as you do.

The Best Crystals for Romance inforgraphic | California Psychics


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