Celebrate Singlehood!

We singletons have a tendency, on occasion, to bemoan the fact that we haven’t found a person with whom to settle down… and the truth is being alone can be lonely… But it doesn’t have to be! Being single you may find, is the best thing that’s ever happened to you — if you recognize it as a period for self-discovery and personal growth. On top of that, being sans-someone can be incredibly exciting. There’s an air of mystery every time you leave the house (whether you sense it or not)! You never know who you could meet or where it will take you! Check out these reasons to celebrate your singlehood! It’s your time to shine! When you’re looking for love, it’s your job to look (and feel) your best. Now is the time to buy the sexy little dress you’ll have rare occasion to wear or splurge on that designer silk necktie. Whether we want to admit it or not, when we’re coupled up, we deck out less often. So enjoy your desire to be desirable! It will give you the gusto to go out there feeling great! Plus, as a bonus, when you are paired off, you’ll be able to rekindle the romance by reinventing your hot, single self on occasion! It’s a big world, after all! Single people get out more often. You go to more restaurants, more cocktail hours, more gallery openings or nightclubs or social events (whatever your thing is). For this reason, the world feels like a bigger place – you’re seeing more of it! Judge for yourself: you and your friends at salsa night with your sexy dance instructor or the couple sitting on the couch at home. Who has it better? One day you’ll reach that place, but for now, you can live life for all it’s worth! As the French say (or maybe it’s the Cajuns), you’ve got to vie, comprende?! You have time for yourself! Sounds less than appealing? Try having none. Sometimes, when you’re involved, you have to sacrifice the time that would usually be for yourself. You may want to go to the gym, but your partner’s got a business dinner you need to attend. You may wish you could just vegetate in front of the TV and enjoy the silence, but your mate wants to talk about the day they’ve had. Time alone allows us to re-focus and re-group. Without it, life can feel frenzied. But you, my single friend are able to recharge your batteries as often as you need. You make your own schedule. And that, make no mistake, is something to be treasured! You have time for your family and friends! Okay, so maybe a hot date sounds like more fun that chilling with your sister or heading out on the town with the guys, but the day will come when you’ll wish you had more time. Your friends and family, in many situations will be relegated to the middle of your priority list and finding time to spend with them will be difficult. And then, once the option of gossip sessions and family dinners is removed from your routine, you will begin to miss them! Hang out with your friends, they can be your partners in crime, your confidants and your tennis partners. Now is the time to deepen your friendships to ensure that they last when time gets scarce down the line. And the family you grew up will take a slightly secondary role to the family you begin on your own one day, so enjoy them now – quirks and all! Someday you’ll be splitting holidays and will want to have something to reminisce about! Your possibilities are endless! The cliché about sex getting dull after awhile with the same person is a cliché because it’s often true. Otherwise, sitcoms wouldn’t joke about it every thirty seconds and people in sports bars and knitting circles worldwide wouldn’t talk about it all the time. But you, oh single one, can spend your whole night making eyes at the hottie across the room wondering what it would be like to (fill in the blank). You can still get weak in the knees when you share a first kiss. You can make out lustily with someone you just met if you so choose, and you can have a night of incredible sex that’s chock full of surprises. There are lots of things to look forward to when you do settle down, but for now remember to revel in all the firsts you’re getting to enjoy! One day you’ll be on the two-hundredth time and things won’t feel so exciting! Questions about your love life? Let one of our Love Psychics help! Call 1.800.573.7495 now!

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