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The idea of the soulmate is that we all have one special someone in the world custom-chosen by the Universe for us. My own definition of “soulmate” is someone whose chart is so perfectly compatible with our own that the stars themselves dictate this person is the one for us. But how do you know if the one you’re with is truly you soulmate?

Our birth charts are compromised of Sun, ascendant (or rising), and Moon signs, and each of these fall into a sign of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is broken into four main elemental groups: fire, earth, air and water, and the way these signs line up can have a very strong influence on whether a relationship will or won’t work. My guess is that old saying about things being “in the stars” came from this concept.

I’m a firm believer in “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but if you have doubts or want to get a glimpse into a potential mate, compare your situation against this check list. Please have your chart and your potential mate’s handy as we review some of the most auspicious pairings one can have.

1. Next Door Neighbors. Start with your Sun signs. Is the sign of your mate right next to yours? Example: Aries and Taurus or Capricorn and Aquarius. If so, this is a great start. My experience has been that same-signs usually don’t get along, but for whatever reason when your sign is “chasing” the other on the wheel known as the Zodiac, it’s usually domestic bliss.

The opposite of this concept (and something to be avoided) is the “diametrically opposed” signs, or those that are clear on the other side of the wheel. Examples include Pisces and Leo (water puts out fire) or Cancer and Capricorn (water and earth create mud). If you see this type of opposition, chances are there’s no match. Unless, of course, you have…

2. Cross Compatibility. Check to see if your rising signs compliment. If your Sun sign compliments his ascendant and vice versa, this is a great omen. Example: my husband is a Taurus Sun with an Aquarius rising, and I’m a Gemini with Virgo rising. My earth ascendant compliments his Sun just as his compliments my air Sun sign.

If your Sun isn’t in sync, see if your rising sign can compensate. Often times it can. If that doesn’t work, go on to your Moon signs and see how that adds up. If you can draw “cross compatibility” across these three in any direction, chances are that you’ll be in an excellent place.

3. Sun and Moon Match Up. This is the ideal Western astrology scenario. If your Sun and his Moon sign are the same, this is the cosmic jackpot. Our Moon sign signifies who we are at our core and, because of this, a pair of Sun & Moon will not only understand one another, they’ll compliment each other as well. If other compatibility exists in your charts, that’s gravy, but if the Sun and Moon are compatible, it’s truly Kismet.

4. Chinese Astrology. The Chinese Zodiac is based on your year of birth (versus month), but the same rules apply in terms of complimentary match-ups. Here’s some short hand on Chinese astrology for comparing your charts:

– Same signs usually don’t go together

– Denominations of four are usually favored

– Denominations of six denotes opposition, and should be avoided

The Universe is always trying to guide us in the right direction, and our birth charts allow us to have a better idea of that plan. When you have the stars on your side, it makes life that much more enjoyable, so grab your chart and enjoy the ride!

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9 thoughts on “Create a Soulmate Checklist

  1. Ella

    “If your Sun and his Moon sign are the same, this is the cosmic jackpot.”

    I know of someone who has a double matching of sun and moon sign with me. My sun sign is taurus/ moon sign scorpio and his sun sign is scorpio / moon sign taurus. I hope we are a good match with not too much instability.

  2. Natasha

    My current significant other and I are same signs. We don’t always get along, but truly care deeply about each other. Have learned to respect and overlook differences because we Enjoy holding and hugging each other. We are more friends than romantic partners, but that does occur sometimes. It’s a strange relationship but I can’t imagine my life without him.

  3. Donna

    My soulmate left this world last Jan. 7 2013. It is now Dec. 20013 and I feel like it’s time to be open to another soulmate. I learned so much from Brian and I am ready now to be open to receive from the Universe my next soulmate.

  4. Alicia

    Article touches on the common aspects of soul compatibility, and hopefully more information about it will be provided in time to come. You should also check your article for grammatical mistakes, especially at the introduction. I understand that this isn’t an English essay, but it would be good to avoid such mistakes. Cheers!

  5. Dorothy

    my husban of 39 years was a pic born March 1, a very careing man, my first husband of ten years born Feb 28, chase every woman he meet have 14 children, both Pic, differend men I am a Sagitt. what do the sign say????

  6. Regulus

    I disagree with this article. Cancer and Capricorn make a great match. Opposing signs complement each other if they are in aspect. You left out moon to moon aspects and nodal contacts as soul bonds.

  7. kmlemak

    It strikes me as odd, today, that the Scriptures tell us to avoid mediums and witches and not rely on divination, yet the Bible itself, and other Scriptures are filled with astrological and numerological references. Something more for me to ponder.

  8. Jai Krishna Ponnappan

    Hello Liz,
    I agree with you, most experts who study the subject often oversee the most obvious details. My Leo heart feels like it’s been chasing after that elusive Virgo for almost an eternity. And I’m glad to say that I just can’t get enough of it and we’ll always stay one next to the other in the heavens above 🙂

    Thank you for the insightful list. The truth is often very obvious even though people may choose to overlook it.

    Blessings & Best wishes – Jai 🙂


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