Dream About Your Soulmate on the Summer Solstice

Dream About Your Soulmate on the Summer Solstice | California Psychics

Harnessing the Energy of the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is one of the most spiritually powerful days of the year, and one of the myriad ways you can use the power of this special day is to connect with your soulmate, or twin flame, through dream energy. It is the day when the sun comes closest to the earth, giving us the most daylight. The sun is at the center of this celebration, as it rings in the beginning of summer, and makes us think of long, sunny days. But once the sun has reached its apex, every day after that begins to shorten. In a way, the Summer Solstice is also celebrating the gradual return to darkness. In the days leading up to the Summer Solstice we can harness the full power of the sun. This is a masculine energy, both physical and tangible. It manifests. Manifestation is exactly what you need for powerful dream energy.

Soulmates and Twin Flames

You have probably heard the term soulmate, but you may not have heard of a twin flame. A soulmate is the person you are destined to end up with, but a twin flame is often not romantic. Rather, a twin flame is a person with whom you share a deep, familial sense of bonding and who has challenged you, and grown with you in the most significant ways. The connections with a soulmate and a twin flame are unique and powerful. Each one is a connection that extends beyond the physical and into the metaphysical, and therefore it is possible for two people who share this connection to also share dreams. The energy of the Summer Solstice is perfect for manifesting this connection. In fact, there is an old Swedish folk tradition that involves putting flowers under your pillow during the solstice in order to dream of your soulmate.

The Power of Dreams

Human beings have always been intrigued by dreams. Psychologists and psychics have dedicated years of study to deciphering and decoding dreams. Often, dreams can feel completely out of our control as things happen to us that we have no say in, and our minds recycle information and memories. However, there are certain things you can do to exercise control over your dreams that will allow you to better connect with your soulmate or twin flame during the Summer Solstice.

Learn to Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is the practice of actively changing and manipulating your dreams. The key to this concept is using awareness tactics to recognize the fact that you’re dreaming, and to keep yourself in a natural dream state. In order to succeed, you need to start by practicing waking check ins. This is where you ask yourself throughout day, “Am I dreaming?” “Where was I just before this?” “Does this make sense?” Doing this regularly while you’re awake increases the chances that you will do this in your dreams. Once you’re aware that you’re dreaming, you can work on staying in that suspended state where the active part of your brain is playing a role in your dreaming.

The other element to lucid dreaming is meditation. Meditation is a great tool for building positive habits and connecting your body and mind. A nightly meditation, chant, or mantra will help you build the tools you need for lucid dreaming. If you don’t want to lucid dream, but would prefer to clear the natural channels and see what messages are coming to you, keeping herbs like lavender and star anise under your pillow can help bring psychic clarity while dreaming. Your best bet for psychic connection during a dream state is to use a combination of lucid dreaming techniques, magical herbs, and the manifestation energy of the Summer Solstice. The pure, raw, energy we can harness from this solar transit is a powerful tool for all forms of manifestation, but it is uniquely suited for strengthening soul connections of this kind.

An Herbal Dream Remedy and Mantra

Another way to connect to your soulmate or twin flame is through the use of herbs. Here is a simple recipe for an herbal pouch, along with a nightly mantra that you can use during the solstice. Start a full week before the solstice and do this every night.

In a small cloth pouch combine lavender and star anise for clear dreams, rose petals for love and connection, and calendula or dandelion for sun energy. If you have anything belonging to the person you want to reach, put a piece of it in as well. If your soulmate or twin flame is also doing this, you increase your chances of connection significantly.

Repeat this mantra over and over before you go to sleep: “My dreams are a part of me, and a part of (other persons name) and a part of the Universe. I am open to all messages I need to receive, and I want to be present in and remember my dreams.”

Connect Through the Solstice

Because the Summer Solstice is such a spiritual day, if you are looking to connect with your soulmate or someone else that you share a powerful connection with, the night of the celebration is a good time to try. So, follow these steps and you will be on the path to deeper and more profound dream connections, possibly of a relationship kind as well.

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