Feng Shui Your Love

Clutter creates chaos. It’s true at work and it’s true at home, so why wouldn’t it be true when it comes to matters of the heart? If you don’t send out the signal that you’re seeking someone special (and we don’t mean cyber stalking or waiting for the phone to ring), then it’s going to be harder – a lot harder – to meet your potential match. So how do you welcome love into your life? Why not apply a little ancient wisdom? Feng Shui your romance!

Girl’s best friend
Or a guy’s for that matter! According to the ancients, singles looking for love (and even those who are partnered up) should treat themselves to flowers regularly in order to encourage romance. Not only are flowers pretty (a nice attribute of all things cosmically love-linked), but they encourage romantic energy in your home. Don’t forget to replace them often – and get rid of any dead bouquets when they first show signs of wilting!

Up against a wall
The placement of your bed is hugely important in Feng Shui – and for good reason! If your bed is moved up against the wall so that it’s only accessible from one side, you’re telling the universe you don’t want anyone else to get in! Good bedroom Feng Shui dictates that your bed should have ample room on either side (size of the room permitting of course) and also offer the best view of the room. In other words, when you’re in bed, you should be able to see as much of the room as possible. And while you’re at it, don’t face the door if possible. It suggests a willingness (or desire even) to leave!

Dress your bed for success
Soft, sensuous fabrics as part of your bedroom décor encourage use of your bed… not just for sleeping! You want this part of your home to be as inviting as possible – not just from a practical perspective, but from the perspective of what it tells the universe. You needn’t spend a fortune, online outlets and stores like Target offer luxurious seeming but affordably priced bedding… and those few extra dollars will make all the difference when it comes to how you feel about inviting someone home (both literally and energetically)!

Don’t work where you sleep
If you’re among the workaholic single (or coupled) this may be tough, but keeping some separation between your work and your bedroom is a key component of Feng Shui for romance. Why? Work is distracting! The bedroom is for sleeping and sex (with maybe a little relaxation thrown in). If you live, eat, breathe and sleep work, you’re telling the universe you have no time for anything else!

If space dictates that your desk must be in your bedroom – fear not! If you disguise it with a screen or curtain, you will put forth the energy to maintain a separation. Just don’t let your workspace be the focal point of your sleep space. After all, why make love a chore? The same goes for exercise equipment by the way – love is enough work on it’s own without adding the energy of extra exertion!

Everything in pairs
Feng Shui for romance dictates that you keep objects in pairs whenever possible (two red candles for instance – preferably in the far right, rear corner of your bedroom). It also suggests avoiding items that come in threes – that’s like inviting a third person into your partnership (even if it’s a theoretical one at this point). Another tip for attracting love is to plant two fruit trees in the right corner of your backyard. Don’t have a yard? Try two plants on the back terrace or even in a window near the rear of your apartment. Remember, intention is everything!

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