How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Relationships

How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Relationships | California Psychics

Choosing Forgiveness

Extending an olive branch of forgiveness to someone who has hurt us is a huge deal. And when it comes to our closest relationships, the heartbreak caused by secrets, lies, and betrayal can be devastating. Sometimes the people we’re closest to can be the hardest to forgive, because we trusted them so much, and believed they’d take the best care of us.

Change and Growth

After a betrayal, you’re justified in feeling hurt, and it’s only natural to feel like lashing out, but carrying on this way for too long will only cause the hurt to fester. Worse than mere physical wounds, leaving emotional wounds untended usually means they’ll deepen, eventually affecting your whole being, mentally, physically, physiologically, and spiritually.

Learning to forgive is not easy and making yourself do it is even harder. It takes trust, faith, and all the energy you can muster, but inside you know it’s the right way, and the only way to move forward through all of your relationships and in your own life. Forgiving those who hurt you can also lead to deeper understanding, and a better relationship than you had before.

Families are Only Human

Family members are often your first friends and confidants. And whether it’s a parent, sibling, grandparent, or cousin, it’s painful when the people you grew up with do things that hurt you. If you can forgive your family member for the pain they’ve caused you though, and actually discuss the situation, your relationship may become far more mature and respectful than it was before. You’ll both now see each other for the adults you are without childhood nostalgia coloring your future interactions.

Marriage is a Partnership

Your partner is the person you should be able to count on in any situation, which is why it’s so awful when they do something that hurts you or breaks your trust. What makes forgiveness in a marriage so transformative is that you are telling your partner, in word and action, that you believe your relationship is worth rebuilding that broken trust or healing that wound. It’s a sign that you’re able to move past pain to build a solid foundation for your future, and that whatever it may entail, you don’t want it to be built on anger and resentment. Of course, you don’t have to forget what happened, but if your partner is truly sorry for the pain they’ve caused, and are as eager to mend the break as you are, you may find that a little bit of forgiveness can take you to very deep, loving places in your shared lives together.

Even Friends Can Fail You

Your friends are your escape, the people you go to when things are both good and bad in your life. So, when your friends break your heart, it can be absolutely devastating, but it can also open some new doors too. Open communication isn’t always the first priority with friends because no one wants to step on toes or force a conversation that they’re uncomfortable with. But when a friend hurts you, before forgiveness can be given, honest, open conversations need to be had, which isn’t a bad thing. And once everyone has apologized and cleared the air, a new phase of friendship can begin. A friendship where honest conversations are top priority, and you both understand each other a little better than you did before.

Things to Remember

  • Heal Yourself First: But why should you even bother to forgive someone who has hurt you? Because no matter what the other person does, has done, or will do, you will still experience the most joy in your own life if you show forgiveness, even if the other person is not repentant and they don’t say “I’m sorry.” And the truth of the matter is, sometimes your relationships don’t survive what happened, but forgiveness can still heal your soul, because walking through the world carrying pain and resentment will only damage you in the end.
  • Apologies Aren’t Overrated: Apologies really aren’t overrated; they are, in fact, very healing for both parties, just as forgiveness is. Whether or not you move on together or apart, there needs to be a clean slate on which to build. It all starts with an apology. Over time, it will hopefully be followed with forgiveness and a pact to move forward, never again bringing up the pain unearthed by the ordeal.


Perhaps the hardest part of any painful experience is the changes you’ll go through (you and the one who hurt you.) If, through all the trials and pain, you can manage to come through it all together, vowing to redefine your relationship in a better, more focused way, then know that your relationship has changed, possibly for the better.

This new relationship is more honest than the old one. It’s new, and you will enjoy all the excitement of that new relationship feeling, with the comfort of knowing that you’ve gone through something difficult and still made it out together. In many ways, this whole process and transformation has been a gift. You are stronger now, and even closer than before.

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10 thoughts on “How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Relationships

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  2. Tina

    Great article! It gives me incentive and positivity, after what I had recently been through. I need to find positive ways to forgive and go on.

    1. Renee

      Sounds like you answered your own question. He doesn’t want the relationship so don’t force it. Get some standards and don’t let anyone else push you over. Love you More

  3. arise

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important issue. The methods described in this article will always set things right. Sometimes “right” means renewing and deepening a good relationship. Other times, forgiveness works just as well to open a door trhough which you can pass peacefully out of a bad relationship. Anger and blame bind you more tightly to another, forgiveness releases you.

  4. chloeChloe ext. 9421


    This is a wonderful article and it touches on so many important ideas.

    Anger is often our first response to being hurt and we must always work through that anger.

    Ultimately though, no matter what decisions we make, we must forgive.

    In forgiveness we find peace.

    In peace we find joy.

    Love & Light!

    ~Chloe (ext. 9421)

  5. Dee

    I needed to hear this right now. To forgive and move on can strengthen a bond in a relationship. Sometimes we get caught in a moment with our emotions, and we forget about how to move on or forgive . Not coming to terms can also can effect our well-being .


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