Is Your Relationship Ready for Its First Thanksgiving?

Is Your Relationship Ready for Your First Thanksgiving?

The First Thanksgiving With Family

It’s that time of year when families get together to celebrate, give thanks, and catch up on each other’s lives. And if you’re in a relationship with someone your family has never met, it’s also the time to decide if your relationship is ready for its first Thanksgiving with family. You have two choices to consider: You can take the person you’ve been dating to the family Thanksgiving, or you can fly solo this year. Neither choice is easy and both choices come with their own complications and implications.

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Home for the Holidays

Going home for the holidays becomes more challenging the older we get. Getting time off work can be difficult to negotiate and interacting with invasive relatives can be a nightmare. Think of every comedic holiday movie you’ve ever seen. Does the holiday dinner go off without a hitch? Nope! And chances are yours won’t either if you’re bringing someone special home for your first Thanksgiving as a couple. Here’s what to consider.

They May Pick Your Date Apart

You know your relatives well enough to know that they will (or won’t) pick your relationship apart like a turkey during your first Thanksgiving as a couple. The following questions are just a few of the ones that are likely to come up and you need to prepare for them:

How did you meet?
How long have you been together?
What do you do for a living?
Are you planning on getting married?
Why are we meeting you for the first time on Thanksgiving?
Has your family already met him/her?
What do your parents do?

Having agreed-upon answers prepared in advance is a good way to tackle these questions and any others you can think of before you decide to spend your first Thanksgiving with their family or yours. It’s also a good idea to establish boundaries with inquisitive relatives. You don’t have to answer every question they ask you!

You Should Reflect on Your Relationship

Now let’s take a look at your relationship. In order to determine if you’re ready for your first Thanksgiving, you may want to consider the following questions:

1. Is my relationship too new? You may be really excited about your partner, but if your relationship is new, Thanksgiving may not be the best time to introduce your partner to your relatives. Fly solo this year. If you’re still together next year, that might be a better time to bring them home.

2. Is my relationship ready for the next stage? Okay, so your relationship isn’t that new, but is it a committed one? Meeting family for the first time during the holidays is a big step that suggests commitment. If you aren’t ready to commit, or your partner isn’t, or you’re having doubts about your bond, you don’t want to play the role of a committed couple if you aren’t one.

3. Where will they spend Thanksgiving if they don’t come with me? The thought of your date being far from home and all alone on Thanksgiving is sad, but is it sad enough to invite them to your family’s Thanksgiving? You can always introduce them as your “friend” but that doesn’t mean your family will believe you.

First Thanksgiving Tips

If you decide that your relationship is ready for its first Thanksgiving, just remember that it’s only one day (one very long day) and the two of you can make it through with the following tips:

1. Remember that Thanksgiving, like any other holiday, rarely goes off without a hitch. There will likely be some drama or an incident but hopefully none if it involves you and your partner. From feuding relatives to a tipsy aunt, try to stay out of the drama at the dinner table. And make light of it later on the way home.

2. Be confident and proud when introducing your mate to your family. It’s important to present a happy and connected romantic relationship to family, but if that’s not what you have, maybe you should leave your partner at home. Any signs of strife between you two will be like blood in the water for a shark. Present a unified front.

3. Make sure your date doesn’t arrive empty-handed. Flowers, a bottle of wine, or a hostess gift will be appreciated. They only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your date makes a thoughtful and grateful one.

4. Avoid talking about religion or politics. This is a great tip for any family get-together, whether you bring a date or not. It’s just a good idea to keep the conversation light. And if it starts to get heavy despite your best efforts, interject with a new, innocuous topic.

5. Embarrassing stories about you are inevitable. Just grin and bear it. It’s most likely a good-natured opportunity to tease you and embarrass you in front of your date. Laugh along with everyone while you can and then change the subject. We all have a past.

Family get-togethers can be weird, stressful, and even laughable and you probably vow at the end of every holiday that you’ll never do it again. But if you’ve decided that your relationship is ready for its first Thanksgiving with family, at least you won’t face it alone. Plus, now you’ll have a witness to back up all of those unbelievable stories you’ve shared about holidays passed!

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