How to Manifest Your Best Sex Life

Manifesting Your Best Sex Life | California Psychics

Manifesting Better Sex

You are sexy. Yes, you, the awesome person reading this article. If you want to know how to manifest your best sex life now, you’re in luck. We’re going to help you uncover your inner sex-cat so you can get your strut on and make would-be lovers or significant others roar in appreciation of you.

Removing the Negative

This is the perfect time to begin removing any fear, guilt, shame,  perfectionism, heartbreak, and negativity you may be feeling from your life. You have the power to transform dark, painful energy into light, healing energy, and you can do it in an instant. Send negative energy and pain screaming into oblivion just by deciding you are done with it, and that you deserve something better, right here, right now.

Yes, some pain is very deep and can take lots of therapeutic support and a long time to heal from. Please give yourself whatever you need to achieve your long-term healing, but there is much you can do right this minute to set yourself free enough to experience genuine bliss. Simply give yourself permission to give and receive pure pleasure. (If you would enjoy further guidance on how to do this, please be sure to reach out to one of our caring Love Psychics.)

Rituals for a Better Sex Life

Let’s start your jubilant journey with a positive manifestation ritual to help create a happy, fulfilling, joyful, and loving sex life.

Candles and Crystals

Candle rituals are wonderful for helping you build up your sexual magnetism so you can manifest your spicy desires. Here are some ideas for what you can use to get yourself started, along with ways to light up your sensual side.

Red and pink candles or crystals are ideal for helping you create your loving sex rituals. You can arrange your crystals in a pretty grid or just place them in your hand.

The color red is used to ignite your passions. You can light a red candle as you hold red, orange-red, or pink-red crystals such as garnet, carnelian, red tiger’s eye, red tourmaline, or ruby, and meditate on them to set your sexual intentions.

The color pink is used for more tender, romantic, and healing love for yourself and others. You can add a lit pink candle to your ritual and hold rose quartz, kunzite, rhodochrosite, morganite, or pink topaz as you meditate on them.

Two matched lodestones that fit together, along with some magnetizing sand, can help you draw in a loving sexual union as well.


You can anoint your candles with the sweet scents of rose, cinnamon, vanilla, or whatever delicious aroma appeals to you. Pour a little honey into a jar. Surround your ritual with pink and red rose petals for an extra nice touch.

Positive Affirmations

Further empower your own special energy by looking in the mirror. Look deep into your own eyes and tell yourself the truth about what you know is hot about you. Is it your scintillating mind? Sexiness starts in the brain, you know. What about your lovely eyes? Nice! Your sweet lips? Mmm! Now focus on something you genuinely appreciate about yourself below the neck, too. You’re on fire!

Notice that when you feel confident in yourself, others will mirror this back at you.

Setting a Sensual Mood

Be sure to pay close attention to not only the senses that let you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, but also your sixth sense. Let your intuition guide you.


To wear lingerie or not to wear lingerie? That is the question. The answer is whatever you want it to be, O Sensual Tempter.


Play music that makes you dance and feel the kundalini of your inner god or goddess rise.


Surround yourself with scents of the most luxurious aromas that make you tingle.


Delight your palate with whatever ambrosian drink and food of the gods is mouth-watering to you. Switch off that inner critic and let yourself indulge!


Awaken your Root/Base Chakra by running your hands over your body. Feel the sensation of the lusty, red-hot energy you were naturally blessed with come alive within you.


Listen deep within. What else is your soul guiding you to do so you can manifest your best sex life?

Dim the Lights, and Enjoy

Now that your inner sex god/goddess is wide awake and eager to pounce like a tiger/tigress, it’s time to focus on your panting lover. Ask them what they most want in this moment. Then ask for what you want, what you need, what you’ve got to have! Ask, and ye shall receive.

If all you wish to do is cuddle and enjoy one another, that can be enough. If you want more, begin to touch each other slowly to allow the heat of intimacy to build. Breathe in their scent. Feel your mutual passion come out to play while you purr with deep gratification. Listen to their mews and growls of growing fervor. Taste their sweet, salty skin and revel in their fierce yet tender kisses. See both of you writhing in ecstasy as your rhythms undulate together as One. Rejoice in giving them pleasure and let yourself fully accept pleasure in return as you both ride the crest of arousal into exploding orgasms. Then bask in the glow of your mutual satisfaction and intimacy. That is half the fun, after all.

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