Pets as Healers

Many of my clients live with pets – or, as I say, with “furry roommates!” They already know the comfort of having a pet, yet some of you seem surprised when I suggest that your pets can help you to process and heal emotional, spiritual or even physical ailments.

There are many ways – one of which I shared with you in “How to ‘Listen’ to Your Pet” – yet there are no limits to how you can benefit from the love between you and your pet. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that when you cry, or are upset, that your pets react, and that reaction is a clue to help you understand yourself in that moment. Do they come to comfort you or hide from you? That can help you to see if you are processing something that you are meant to experience in order to grow – or have you chosen to process something in a way that is unhealthy for your well being or future?

Pets – especially horses, dogs, and cats – are tuned in to your deepest thoughts and to your highest spiritual self. They psychically know when you are on your way home, some as much as thirty minutes in advance of your arrival! Some of them, especially dogs, station themselves in the driveway or entranceway to your home to welcome you! They have also proven that people heal and feel better when there is a pet present during recovery or treatment; in fact, many convalescent homes have pets either visit or remain on site. There is a much deeper connection that goes beyond words and language, and over time that becomes more defined and clear in your relationship with your pet.

Many of the psychics you talk to are able to communicate with pets, so you can double check your own intuition about what they are trying to tell you with your favorite reader. If you pay attention to their body language, and take their “advice,” you will be able to see yourself from another perspective, and perhaps shift the energies that are causing you pain or confusion.

Pets encourage us to move, to play, and to sleep. They try to show us how to relax or become more content with our surroundings, and they can also lift your spirits and alleviate loneliness. There are many physical ailments that are relieved with the benefits of stress relief, as well as the chemicals released in the brain while actively “loving” someone or something. All these things factor into overall health. Your pets can and will give more than the gift of love if you let them. Now go snuggle your furry roommate!

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2 thoughts on “Pets as Healers

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    They love you unconditionally…….and, ( a little bit of trivia here)…. most people do NOT know this but dogs, cats and horses can literally smell emotion…which is WHY dog handlers in the show arena chew gum, they don’t want the dog to smell nervousness on their breath before they enter the ring.

    But animals also sense your emotions in many other ways as well.

    Want to shed some pounds???? They are excellent for exercise and taking walks too, or throwing a frisbee out in the yard……your pet will help keep you in shape and bring out the inner child of play in all of us.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. maryannex9146maryannex9146

    Hi, Yemaya,

    Thanks for a very warm, informative article about our beloved pets. Does your dog smile at you? Yes, absolutely. Can your little cat’s snuggling up to you and purring when you are upset or sad calm your nerves, mind and soul? Definitely.

    The unrestricted love from a pet is so pure that I do believe it has the power to raise us to a higher level emotionally, mentally, spiritiually.




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