Psychic Ivy’s Words of Wisdom

“I was feeling a bit down and frustrated with my sweetie until I read Ivy’s article, The Case for Going Slow in Relationships. It reminded me of everything that we had talked about in my readings and to calm down, relax and let go of the negative feelings. There is a reason why “patience is a virtue.” Thank you for reminding me!”


Have you read The Case for Going Slow in Relationships? Tell us what you think.

3 thoughts on “Psychic Ivy’s Words of Wisdom

  1. Anthony

    He does not use crystal balls, he does not use tarot cards so what does he use? Ah, he reads your mind, I like the fact that you can see who you are denailg with. His accuracy was 100% too

  2. adriana

    sometimes i feel so depressed and sad what can i do all the times i try to go out and do activities try not to do thing about bad things that make me sad but sometimes i feel like iam missen something out there

  3. The Lovely Duckling

    I would highly recommend Ivy to anyone who hasn’t read with her. She gets right to the point but in a very kind way. My reading with her left me with a nice burst of good energy.
    Thanks for the great reading yesterday, Ivy! 🙂


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