Psychic Quinn’s Guide to Mending a Broken Heart

Fill the Holes With Liquid Gold

Over the days, weeks, months and years that relationships endure, obstacles naturally come up that tend to chip away at our love and the openness of our heart. Spiritually and emotionally, people become fractured, sometimes leading to a relationship’s demise. When a couple breaks up, it’s often messy and that mess leaves emotional holes behind that need to filled.

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Breakups Feel Like the Worst Thing in the World

We look to our psychic readers for advice, reassurance and a good prediction that allows us to continue on, even with a broken heart. Trust me, there are worse things than ending a relationship, yet when one is going through the process of a breakup, it is as if the world went dark, the sun sank and there is not a star in the sky that can give solace.

Meet Someone New to Alleviate the Pain and Suffering

I so often wish I could take my callers’ worry away. I wish I could mend their broken heart. But I’ve learned, however, that the only way the worry dissolves is by having a happy reunion, or meeting a new person who alleviates the pain and suffering the broken relationship caused.

Don’t Fall Into the Same Trap or Rut

When my callers are ready, willing and able to move on and begin developing something positive with a new person, they ask, “How do I enter into something new and not fall into the same trap or rut with this person?” Here’s where I share my simple-to-follow, three-part plan to help them ease their broken heart:

1. Get Specific
Make a list of exactly what you want in a person. Be as detailed as you can be. This way the Universe knows who to send you. Try to keep physical appearance requirements to a minimum, and instead try focusing your list on the ways you want to feel while you’re in this loving, connected relationship. The Universe will know to send you the perfect vibrational match—someone who can satisfy you in the ways you most need. Stay open-minded. Quite often, this person comes in a form we didn’t expect.

2. Get Lost
Meditate about it, or pray, or do both. Just get lost in good, high vibrational thought about the beauty in your meeting and connecting with a new person in this life. There is never too much good energy going out into the Universe.

3. Get Moving
Don’t sit around in your house hoping for something to change. Take action. You’ve got to get moving to begin circulating new energy so that new opportunities can begin flowing to you. This can be as easy as going to an event either alone or with a friend, or getting involved in a social group found on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

When a bowl (your heart) is broken, in order to fix it there is an ancient Japanese method where liquid gold is poured into the cracks. Not only does the bowl become more beautiful, it also becomes stronger and more valuable. There are times in life when we come across people who are like liquid gold. At the same time, we may have encounters with people who are closer to mud, which also hold things together, however for a much shorter duration as mud only weakens. When looking to heal from a broken heart, look for those with golden vibrations. You want to keep this kind of person around you, be it friend or otherwise. Be the one with a golden vibration, too, as this will fill your own cracks and secure the love you have both for yourself, and for the new person entering your life.

Buddha bless and be golden.

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Quinn’s Guide to Mending a Broken Heart

  1. pam

    Thank you. I was recently ghosted after a long term relationship. I feel terrible but know I will get over it in time.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Pam,
      Don’t ya just hate “ghosting”??? I know you will be moving on from this and in tow will be wisdom from the experience.
      From one brave heart to another,

  2. Mark Taylor

    Aways spot on quinn ! Great article. Part of our hurts is knowing others have moved on that we loved so much. Part of our wisdom and healing is knowing that maybe our exes have not healed or learned, just jumped ship ( mud) i stayed single to observe. and heal ( gold) The tortoise and the Hare story lol. Mark from the UK

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hello Mark from the UK 🙂 so good to see you – It is wonderful to know you are still around reading and posting your wise words.

      Peace and Love,

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