Psychic Success Story: Face the Truth for Love

Attracting the Right Partner

“I’m just NOT supposed to have love!” Cara cried to me in frustration. This was a year ago, after she had already been my client for 10 months. We had spent a lot of time discussing issues in her love life. Cara wanted to be in love so badly she would give without getting any care or respect in return.

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Trying to Make Bad Relationships Work

I told her the truth and I tried to be as gentle as possible. However, she had a hard time accepting it and would do whatever she could to try and make her relationships work. But time after time, she would call me in tears. I listened to her and helped her get some clarity. I told her that if she invested as much time in loving herself as she did in relationships that would never work, she would attract a healthier relationship. In fact, I saw the relationship—the soulmate who was waiting for her. But it was Cara’s job to create the space in her life for him to come into it!

Fear and Feeling Weak Make Us Stay

Cara was like so many of my callers. In fact she was like so many of us at one point or another in our lives. How many of us have been drawn to the wrong person? Have you ever tried to make it work out of fear that you would be alone? How many of us have not had the strength to leave?

A History of Bad Relationships

Cara had an abusive ex-husband. He was both physically and mentally abusive. Her lovers since her divorce were either passive aggressive or emotionally unavailable. She had 10 years of bad men. When she lost her father to cancer, she had hit a low point, and one partner in particular, Joseph, was there to take advantage of her.

I consulted my cards, the pendulum and my intuition. They were all telling me the same thing—Joseph was stuck and unwilling to work on his behavior. However, she couldn’t let go of him. Even when she would agree with what I was saying about him while we chatted over the phone, I knew that Cara would not be able to say no to Joseph. I decided to try a different approach.

Self-Doubt Gives Bad Men Power

I told Cara what would happen if she followed my advice and let go of Joseph. I wanted her to trust me so I could help her. It went back and forth for a while. I wouldn’t hear from her for a while and then she would call me when she needed me to “kick her butt” again. She’d break up with Joseph for a few weeks and call me and say that she was just not lovable. Nothing could have been further from the truth! Her self-doubt was giving Joseph even more control over her emotions.

Waiting to Be Saved

My cards showed me several possible paths for Cara. But first, she needed to work on her self-esteem in order to attract the right partner. I knew that she wanted me to tell her when he would show up and save her, but Divine will doesn’t really work that way. The Universe will show us the way, but we have to do the work to get there.

She Started Working on Herself

I worked with Cara to get her self-confidence back. I gave her exercises to do and taught her to be clearer in her thoughts and actions. Once she started feeling better about herself, it was easier for her to focus on what she wanted in a relationship. She started clearing her home of the clutter. She quit smoking and lost some weight.

An Old Friend Becomes a Soulmate

In June of 2016 Cara went to lunch with an old friend. He had turned into a sensitive man who was also looking for love. What a coincidence! When I had first started reading with her, I described her soulmate and this man matched that description! As they got to know each other again, she slowly started to trust him, and she let herself fall in love again. Now they are engaged and plan to be married in April of this year!

Getting the Love She Deserved

Cara still calls me from time to time to check on her career and family and to share the exciting developments in her romance. This is the part of my job that I love. I love when my clients get the love they thought they’d never have—the love they thought they didn’t deserve. I’m here to help you find your happiness, your path and your soulmate! All you have to do is be brave enough to face the truth and that will give you the freedom you need to create a happier existence.

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