Psychic Success Story: Making a Good Relationship Even Better

Make a Good Relationship Even Better

She Was Uncertain

Patricia called. She wanted to know the future of her relationship with her boyfriend, Mason. I tapped into my guides and they indicated that Mason loved her, asked her to marry him, had good communication skills, and that together they made a good communication team. Patricia verified my guide’s observations, but was still feeling uncertain.

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Baggage From Old Relationships

I then added that it appeared there was a lot of figurative baggage in the room (of their relationship) but that it wasn’t bolted to the floor. This baggage stemmed from their separate relationships with previous partners. But I assured Patricia that the baggage could be removed so that she and Mason could have their own space.

A Comedian’s Take on Soulmates

Patricia asked if they were soulmates. I replied that there are many schools of thought on that topic, but mine stemmed from my years as a stand-up comedian. She said she had a sense of humor, so I proceeded to tell her that two people, who work hard at their relationship, get ready to retire for the evening, and they place their shoes side by side. That makes them sole mates! But more than just shoes, it’s really hard work, sharing of vulnerabilities and being open that makes two people soulmates.

Couple’s Counseling

I also saw that Patricia’s job offered a counseling benefit to their employees, so I suggested she and Mason take advantage of the program. It was free and they could get the skills they needed to put their romantic pasts to rest. This would give their relationship the chance to develop and thrive.

He Has an Office Wife

Patricia was also concerned about Mason’s closest work friend—a female. He told her everything about his previous marriage and divorce, and Patricia was worried that Mason would do the same if she married him. I assured Patricia that Mason confided in this female coworker because she’s married and he felt like she had good insight. He saw her as a sister and nothing more.

Be Each Other’s Emotional Confidant

However, I also explained to Patricia that in order for their marriage to succeed, they needed to be each other’s emotional confidants. It’s important to share with each other the pieces of their lives that are the most emotionally significant.

A Vibrant Relationship

Once the baggage and challenges were addressed, I saw that Mason and Patricia would have a vibrant relationship. I also saw that Mason was being considered for a promotion at work. Patricia confirmed. So I told Patricia that having a closer relationship with her would give Mason the confidence he needed to handle his additional work responsibilities.

I am glad I could assuage Patricia’s fears and guide her towards a happier, more fulfilling relationship with Mason. I am sure I will hear back from her and I am looking forward to her sharing how her relationship with Mason grows.

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One thought on “Psychic Success Story: Making a Good Relationship Even Better

  1. Anna

    You don’t need to not be around families and friends to not be single. Actually, my family were the ones that was always there for me when my ex left me end of 2009. He was cruel, totally a different guy once he broke up with me. I was so hurted for 5 while years. Within the five years, I seeked advice from psychics, they kept telling me to hold on to this person, he will come back that he still loves me but confused. I thought to myself, how could that be when he was treating me so cruel but I believed the readers. I was given hope for 5 whole years. I believed in them because I thought they had that special gift, to see the future. Despite all the cruel things that he did to me, pretending he never saw me when I walk passed him, I was still having hopes. They said that he will break up with the person that he has been dating and that him and I are meant for each other. There goes anther hope for me..Years passed, he’s still with her and they got married last year!!! I was so shattered and never will believe another psychic. Btw, the person that he married is one of the girls from the circle of frienda when he and I were dating. What an asshole, right? Yes, I was so naive, holding on to this guy for five years, hoping that he would come back soon according to the psychics. I’m so glad that I’m all over this asshole and over seeking help from the psychics. Moral of the story is the person that you are dating or your boyfriend comes and go but your family will never change and treat you like that. Don’t ever ditch your family for a guy or a girl and always believe in what you see. Don’t hold on to your ex when you notice that they don’t care about you or treating you the opposite from what the readers are telling you . This is from my past experience. Please be careful. Good luck.


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