Valentine’s Day Gift: What Does it Mean?

Valentine's Day Gift: What Does it Mean? | California Psychics

Decode Their Gift!

In the nineteenth century, people would often send full explanations using only flowers. Everything from marriage proposals to warnings of dangers could be communicated through an exchange of flower varieties. Ladies could also hold conversations across rooms using nothing but their fans! While these elaborate forms of communication through gifts and objects has all but died out, romantic gifts can still have meaning.

A Valentine’s Day Card

A card on Valentine’s Day is what you expect since the early days of school, so it’s understandable that it might be a bit anti-climactic at first. Perhaps your relationship is new, and your partner didn’t feel comfortable making gift assumptions, or you’ve been together so long that you both know that a lovely card with a sweet, hand-written love note inside is all you really need. Now, if your partner picked out a card, didn’t slip it into the envelope, or even bother to sign it, you probably need to have a talk about expectations at the very least. But sometimes a small, heartfelt reminder of your love for each other is exactly what you both need.

The Money Gift

Don’t brush off the gift card option right away. While it can mean that your partner was just too lazy to put any actual thought into your gift, it could also mean that they know you. If you love to shop, an excuse to indulge in some retail therapy is a great gift.

Sweets or Chocolates

Chocolates on Valentine’s Day is extremely cliché, but that’s one of the best things about Valentine’s Day if you like chocolate. So, if your partner gives you chocolate or another type of sweet as a gift, is it something you’re actually excited about, or have they not been paying attention? A good quality box of chocolates or confections is a fantastic gift, especially if you’re a foodie; however, cheap chocolates are usually a sign of poor planning on your partners part. And if you’ve been trying to stay away from sugar and processed foods as part of a health care plan, it means someone hasn’t been paying attention.


A dozen red roses is a pretty common gift for Valentine’s Day, but it’s classy for a reason. Red roses have been the symbol of love since Ancient Greece, so their power is undeniable. But what does it mean when your partner gives you flowers today? It could mean that they want to show you that they love you loudly and proudly; however, it could mean that they didn’t know what else to get for you. Lack of imagination though, is hardly break up worthy.

Stuffed Animal

Are you and your partner still in high school, or are you a collector of stuffed animals? Because if the answer to either of those questions is no, then this is a lazy gift. If your partner is handing you a Valentine’s Day themed stuffed animal, it means they forgot what day it was and stopped by a drugstore for a gift on the way home.

Breakfast in Bed

If your partner makes you breakfast in bed, then you can be reasonably sure that some planning went into it. They had to pick something to make you, make sure the ingredients were available, possibly go grocery shopping, then get up early to make it for you.

A Nice Dinner Out

A nice dinner out is always a lovely experience. If your partner takes you out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s probably a good sign that they put some thought into the evening. Reservations on Valentine’s Day are somewhat premium after all, at least in truly nice restaurants. Now, if your partner takes you to a budget chain restaurant for dinner and claims that it is nice, you have every right to be annoyed.


Clothes may not be the most romantic gift, but if you do receive clothes on Valentine’s Day, you know your partner cares. It means that they had to take time to pick something out that they thought (or at least hoped) you would like. They may even have to put some planning into it if shipping is involved. Clothes are a thoughtful gift, and your partner is probably a keeper if that’s what they give you, even if you have to return or exchange it.


If you’re giving jewelry or watches to your partners on Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably been together for a long time. You both know what the other likes, and Valentine’s Day is a way to show, with a nice piece of jewelry or a new watch, that you’re still committed to each other. If you haven’t been together for a long time, it probably means that your partner is ready to take things to the next level, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re also ready, or if they’re moving too fast for you.


Someone is trying to say that they want to have a more intimate relationship here. It means that your partner wants to be close to experience that scent on you. Does that idea excite you?

A Home Spa Kit

If you receive a spa kit as a gift, give your partner the credit of trying to think a little bit out of the box for Valentine’s Day. A nice bubble bath with some aromatherapy is always a great form of relaxation. Points to your partner for noticing that you could use some relaxation in your life.

A Massage/Spa Day

Speaking of relaxation, what’s more relaxing than a massage, or a day at the spa? Granted, not everyone likes the idea of strangers touching them. So, if your partner gifts you this, and you’re one of those people, the two of you may need to have a conversation. For the most part though, if a massage or a day at the spa is in your future after Valentine’s Day, it means your partner cares. If it’s a couple’s experience, it means your partner wants to spend more time with you in a relaxing environment.

A Homemade Gift

The truth is, not everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day all that much, or has the funds to make it a big celebration. A homemade gift can be an earnest way for you and your partner to show that you care on the day of love even though you hate giving into the capitalistic idea of the day itself. If it looks like garbage though, it means they probably forgot, and you have every right to be upset. A third option is that you have children, and it came from them.

A Personalized Gift

A lot of people have a thing that they enjoy and is a great go-to gift on special occasions. If your partner gives you a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day, be it supplies for a hobby, a curated gift basket of your favorite food experience, or pieces to add to a collection you have, it could mean a couple of things. You’ve either been together for a while now, or your partner has been listening and noticing the things that you like and enjoy. It means that they probably want to stick around for more than just the physical aspects of your relationship too.

Event Tickets

If you’re a couple who’ve been together for a long time, and one of you gives the other tickets to an event that you really don’t care about, it’s probably with the understanding that the tickets are for your partner and a friend. There’s nothing wrong with that either. It means that the two of you care enough to know what you both like and are secure enough in your relationship to be happy to let you share experiences with other people who share your interests. All relationships strive to be as secure and long-lasting as that. So, if you’ve reached that point, congratulations! You’re living many people’s dream. If you’re not in a relationship like that yet, and you receive event tickets for Valentine’s Day, it means your partner would like to have a special experience with you, and they think you’ve reached a point in the relationship where bigger gifts like this are appropriate. Or they’re trying to show off. How long have you been together again?

A Weekend Getaway

Now your partner is trying to impress you, but what’s wrong with that? A weekend getaway means that they want to spend time with you, away from all of your everyday distractions. There’s a very good chance that this is going to be a cozy, intimate getaway, but it could also be to somewhere you’ve been planning on seeing for a while, and your partner decided to surprise you because they love you. Either way, your partner is serious.

The Household Appliance

A word of caution to the gift giver: if you’re going to give your partner a household appliance, or any other practical gift for Valentine’s Day, be very sure of how your partner will feel about it. If you give this to the wrong person, you will find yourself single very quickly, because traditionally, Valentine’s Day is about romance. To the gift receiver, if you’ve been together for a while, and you’re over cute, romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day, your partner was probably using the day as an excuse to get you that practical gift you’ve been wanting, but have been feeling a bit guilty spending the money on. If you’re not sure why your partner gave you a kitchen appliance for Valentine’s Day, ask first. If the answer has something to do with them remembering you wanting or needing it, give them credit for being thoughtful rather than romantic. If they want you to get better in the kitchen or better at cleaning, you are within your rights to walk away.

A Pet

A pet is a commitment, so if your partner gives you a pet for Valentine’s Day, they’re probably ready to move forward in your relationship. Perhaps they even want to move in with you. Pets aren’t a small commitment after all, so why should they expect you to accept it if they aren’t hoping to take on a bigger role in your life?

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    There’s much truth to this, however funny it may be. LOL

    Valentines Day is highly over rated, it’s only one day out of the entire year afterall.

    It’s really about how your significant other treats you on a daily basis.

    Happy Valentines Day Everybody !!!

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    Gina Rose ext.9500

    1. Joyce

      I couldn’t agree more! I say this all the time! We should treat each other with love every day not just the one day that’s designated for love.

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