What Happens When You Find Your Soulmate

You’ve Found Your Soulmate. Now What?

Now that you have found your soulmate, you may be wondering what the rest of your life will look like. All genuine, loving, long-lasting relationships are based on friendship, respect, caring, laughter and the sharing of common interest and values. Once soulmates have found each other they will face life’s diverse challenges and go through some of the most enjoyable, life-changing events together.

When you are already building a life with your soulmate, you will most likely feel as though you can overcome any difficulties that come your way. But what now? Do you simply sit back on your laurels and let love run the show? While many couples would say yes to that question, it just isn’t that easy. Here are a few things that you need to do when you are deeply in love.

Constant Re-Connection and Communication

Just because you are truly, madly and deeply in love does not meet you should forget to work on your relationship daily. If you have found your soulmate you may feel as though you can just move through daily life without having to make any more effort. But doing this will only damage the relationship and increase the chances of a future problem. Make sure you reconnect with your soulmate after long periods of time when you are apart. Spend time together away from distraction and talk to each other about anything new, any concerns, worries or new ideas. Share your emerging goals on a continual basis and never shut your soulmate out, even if you are having a hard time.

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Nurture Your Love Daily

Show your soulmate you care about them on a daily basis. Just because you have found your partner for life, does not mean you need to stop making an effort daily. You will always have a strong relationship if you never stop doing what you did from day one. Gentle touches, warm caresses, kind words or kind gestures will always keep you and your soulmate in tune with each other at all times.

Be Spontaneous Whenever Possible

If you want to keep your relationship fresh and full of that new love feeling, try to do something spontaneous every now and then. Show up when your partner least expects it, leave a sweet gift and note where she or he will find it later, plan a romantic night out on the town or organize a weekend escape.

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Never Stop Letting Them Know They’re Important to You

It is very important to tell your soulmate how lucky you feel to have finally met them. You don’t have to tell them every day, but from time to time let them know how much they mean to you. Saying this will be even more reassuring during darker times or times of difficulty that you may face together.

Many of us long to find our soulmate, but once we do, we need to remember that soulmate relationships take work. This is the time to really put effort into the relationship and keep it strong at all times.

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19 thoughts on “What Happens When You Find Your Soulmate

  1. Deedee

    i have been with my soulmate for 19 yrs married to him for 18 of them we split up fot 2 or 3 months and go rite back for a good11 12 months weve been doing this for yrs he is my best friend and my soulmate the father of my children a great lover and a hell of a man and no one can get near me unless there my kids or hes not around because hes on top of any mistake some one makes towards me and i know men are dogs but he wont let me see side for nothin i will always love him. I hope he knows by now hes my one and only forever…

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  3. Bella

    4 Sally , #1) THE answer is YES you can have more than 1 soulmate .. #2) FYI this is VIP it’s hardest on the current person who does care – love you THE most right now BCZ , well I’m not gonna == no beating around the bush it’s like they are always chasing a “” UR “” their “” ghost which isn’t their burden 2 bare FYI & if your doing this , yes your N the wrong if you DO practice this method way of thinking OK … No I’m not saying that you are OK !!!! I 2 lost my soulmate @ a young age I was younger than what U- URS was .. FYI I made the BIG mistake bc of me secretly comparing him 2 N my OWN silence 2 the next 1 by asking myself will they ever be able 2 measure up 2 my 1st – lasting 1st love , YEA honesty yea that was my way of thinking @ the time … yes that I was only holding on 2 a aka MY memory yes – IT held me back N my own personal growth 4 many years about well almost 4 27 years 2 be honest with you which only damaged ALL my current love realationships … FYI if your doing this plz stop it BCZ it is not healthy & yes it’s only hurting you & it’s not being very fair 2 your current love interst ok .. FYI with mine he has a twin OMG it still freaks me out sometimes AT sometimes when I would see him yes it does throw me 4 a loop !!! My advice would be #1 4 you to be able 2 GO on with your own life Your gonna need 2 find a place 4 your past love & put it N a safe place & only 4 him N your own heart away from your new love thT is full of life’s breaths , I wish I could say that your 1st love will ever die – go away BUT that would be a lie BCZ @ the time N your – y’all’s life when he passed im sure so we’re madly N love which left y’all love N a limbo state of mind – matters of the heart (( with mine we were broke up which just made it worse with MY own guilt BCZ IT is my beliefs if we would of been together)) 4 EVER it would of never happened I thought yes AND yes it might just OF changed fate coming from – N a 16 1/2 minds way if thinking , but now I realize IT was all N “” GODS “” master plan you see even though it sucks hurts a lot yes until this very day it hurts badly FYI BCZ we were left hanging N a 4 ever limbo state of mind !!!! Yes it’s hard losing a loved1 @ a young age bc you don’t understand = GET IT , it seems 2 stay with you 4 EVER so plz don’t let it – you become it’s victim ok .. Maybe this might helps you FYI don’t ever try 2 replace him BCZ you can’t ever ok & WHY would you want 2 ever BCZ what you had was real !!! Things happens 4 a reason N good times verses BAD times somehow they always seems 2 balance it self out 4 me … But 4 me on – or with my own beliefs – personal level I spent a lot if time – still until this day I do attend a support group ok yes it helped me once I realized YES that was not N my “” GODS “” plans 4 me 2 be with him ok !!! You need 2 Live your life 2 the full lest with your love you DO have now ok bcz as much as it does hurt well BCZ N – with death well you can’t ever undo death ok it’s the 1 thing that is final … Happy holidays 2 you & 4 yours . I hope that theMaybe this might help you .. 🙂

  4. virginia

    Hi there, I just had a question to ask you. It is about love and relationships. Mine) I am seeing a man right now who means the world to me but we are not together like that although we act like we are huging and talking and spending a lot of time together..You see he is the type of guy that hates all things in life even people but he puts me first off and on for 4 years now never cheeted on me that I know. We even ruzzle around a lot and he bites me everywhere…He lives with me now and has been living with me on and off.. but is currently living with me now!… I just want to know about love for me…forever… with him or someone ealse?

  5. sally Richarts

    Need help an insight to a 10yr. Relationship we have 2 children together. My soulmate died when I was only 18. Now at 36 is it even possible to have a 2nd soul mate in this life time. Any help I would be greatful. Thankyou. Happy Holidays

  6. Rose

    Good reading and advice , but I am still looking to find my soulmate or a good relationship. I sometime wonder why it so hard to find a good man. But I enjoy the reading in case I do find a relationship, love,soulmate one day. Been 30+ yrs and still keeping the faith

  7. michaele vaquera

    i believe i may have found that special someone i have feelings for him but at the same time im scared that he will do wat last relationship had done nd also i still have feeling for him to in other words i have feelings for 2 men nd both vergo im a little confused i dont want this 1 to hurt me the way last man did i need little advice

  8. fidi

    our soulmate arrive when God want that it happens because we have been working strong in the spiritual road .The soul mate is a gift from heaven and we need to take care so much.

  9. Shirren

    I thought I had found my soulmate and on Oct. 2013. My first love walked into my life. Told me if he knew then what he knows now he would have stayed in my life. And if he wasnt in the present relationship he would give us a try now. I too am in an 18yr old relationship but we have not been intimate for 2yrs. He always has so many excuses although I have tried. I had to stop the chat with my first love cause I guess he wants to give his present a try. They are in a relationship now for 2yrs. It started as roommate’s in her 3bdrm home. Her 11yr old son knows they see each other. But who has a relationship and has their own room cause they aren’t sure they want to make that type of a committment in the relation and share a bdrm. This is what he has said. What to do I still have deep feelings for him and wish we can be together. Help

  10. Breezi

    Hi, dear.lady, I really love this a woman, Charity, I am also a woman. I only talked with her on the pjonshared words of love & laughter for 4 1x/2 yrs. We haven’t met yet in person duelo to hardships & different life problems & obstacles. We were supposidly meeting soon but, more stuff & problems have formed for her & I. I do not want to give up on my dreams to be with her …. But, she is trying to get in sobriety like me & get well. I am happy for her. But, really scared she won’t be with me. She mentioned she is now in love with some man since h.s , she said she is married to him in her heart. Ir asked if she had lied to me for yrs. About loving me. She said she will always love me & be there for me as a friend, best friend no matter what. Everything is really messed up now between us. She said this stuff with her father in the background he is anti gay & a minister … Heknows we are friends he wanted us to meet. He does not know how she truely feels about me or how much she loves me i just think she told me about that guy, to convince her Dad that she is straight. I know or feel that … please let me know of any advice if it will work out between us meeting in future. & us being together. I havent heard from ha ser much lately she was supposidly going into rehab. ? She had barely called me lately… Uhgh, ir am desperate, & sad please helpi me

  11. Ramat Alhassan

    When i met M¯_???_??? fiance i tought have met, M¯_???_??? soulmate,we were madly in ??V n couldn’t do without each other but now d reverse ?°?¯§ d case. He luvs me a lot but i don’t feel same for him anymore


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