10 Signs It's Time to Move On

Many times in our lives, we hold onto situations and people that not only cause us misery, they stagnate our growth. So how do we know when it’s time to move on?

1. The person or situation in question becomes your (negative) focal point in day-to-day living.
2. Despite your best efforts, intentions, and time, the problems you perceive persist.
3. You find yourself continually giving in to situations simply for the sake of keeping peace.
4. Your self-perception starts to change. You were once confident and strong, and now you find yourself groveling and feeling needy.
5. You have sacrificed things that are important to you simply for the sake of having something to hold onto that brings no true benefit to you.
6. You keep waiting … and waiting for things to change, but they don’t.
7. You are being somehow neglected or abused physically, mentally, or emotionally.
8. You have a strong feeling or knowing that this isn’t where you’re supposed to be.
9. You feel life has something more in store for you, and even though you’re not sure how to get there, you’re ready to start moving forward.
10. You begin to notice everything around you is changing and you feel out of control.

    The universe will only be gentle with us only for so long when we ignore the signs, symbols, and guidance provided to us to begin moving in new directions. We are here to learn, grow, and experience the highest joy and peace imaginable.

    If something isn’t working for you in your life, instead of looking at failures and what you don’t want, take the steps forward and become empowered through deciding what you DO want. Decide what your future holds. Explore your options. Have faith in yourself.

    Believing in ourselves and our inherent value gives us inner strength and the motivation to move forward, which is what we all really want. And when we’re on the right path and moving forward, things seem to fall into place with new opportunities presenting themselves to us in a myriad of ways. When a situation or person continues to challenge us and never improves, it’s time to take stock of our position and make some tough decisions.

    The message spirit brings us today is this: The unique combinations of talents, abilities, and characteristics we possess have been gifted to us for a reason … for us to reach our full potential and to find joy in living, loving, and sharing. Each one of us deserves to be happy, free from living in fear and lack, and to choose from infinite opportunities the universe provides us with. No exceptions!

    🙂 Giovanna

    28 thoughts on “10 Signs It's Time to Move On

    1. chrissylubly

      Everything you wrote is EXACTLY what i had been going through for 9 years until about 1 week ago i took that step to move on cause He was NEVER GOING TO CHANGE..!! Thank you so much for having this Blog it really makes a difference in peoples Lifes.

    2. kalikoo

      Great articile. Hit it right on the nose. I am with a man for # years that is a musician. and still wants to be the player. I know it”s time to move on. But the question is i’m afraid and afraid of another empty relationship.

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    4. jenn

      you said something very powerful”Im not doing anything”and it feels like that because from what you said ,YOURE NOT! you are praying and thats great but god is not going to do the footwork for you. He will take care of you after you take the appropiate action required for your circumstance. i am divoriced, was married for 16 years, 5 kids age ranging from 19-10 years old,but as long as i talked he took it for what it was talk!but but when i started to have faith enough in god to take action GOD is doing for me what i cant do for myself and i have to do all the footwork. it dont feel good all the time but it always works out for my good. faith has to replace the fear that is keeping you stuck. best wishes your sister in christ.

    5. YR

      Its so true…I can definitely relate to this. I was with someone for 11 years, married for only 3 and I was unhappy for a long time thinking that this was my destiny even though I had a feeling that I needed something else in my life ..I got to the point where I was getting sick (depression and being unable to sleep) but I met someone who made me look at things in a different prospective. Now after almost 7 Months I can say..I’m happy I made the decision of get divorce and move on.

    6. mary rose

      i was just 19 years old when i get married..after 6 months of living with my husband..i gave everything i know he can be happy..but then the time comes that i don’t see anything improve to him..i try my very best to be a good wife but he feel not happy..until i met a guy that make me feel special..we’ve become friends..until i open up my married life to him..and then we get into a situation that i never think i can do..we get sex..just once until my husband notice about this..i know i’m wrong..i left my husband as he asked me..now i don’t know how to start again my life..it was 4months ago but until now it still hurts me…

    7. C.L.R.

      This article was so true. I’m a very strong but found myself locked into a negative relationship always making excuses. I let go, moved on and feel WONDERFUL! today. Love is supposed to make us happy not sad.

    8. Cathy

      Jennifer is a very wise person and I agree totally with what she is saying.. I want to remind all of you women to ask yourself if you are wishing things and hoping things will get better. They won’t people don’t change………they don’t. If you are unhappy then move forward, get out of it. You can and will find happiness without that person who is not good for you. Stop with the wishfull thinking please for your own good. I wasted years with a man because I wished or hoped it would get better……….It won’t,.

    9. C

      I know what you are going thru. My husband of 21 yrs wanted out to be with another women. He had 2 affairs with her 13 years apart. Then once I quickly moved on he wanted me back. I did not trust him. It’s been five yrs. He lived with her for one yr, sent her packing and 2 yrs later is in a long distance relationship with her. Although I love the one I am with, it will never be like the love for my cheating ex. Up till recently we were having sex.Which is nuts. What helped me was counseling, read the dance of intimacy and really search yourself. What do you want? If he can not offer it, then let go and move on. You are not letting him take responsibility for his actions by continuing this way. You are only hurting yourself.Cut your losses and move on or get back with him—if you can trust him 100% My prayers are with you.

    10. Alexis

      It sounds like you want him to take the
      responsibility for actually doing all that needs to be done to end the fiasco.
      But because he won’t take any responsibility whatsoever for something
      that he obviously does not want to happen, you are the one who is required
      to take action.The ball is in your court.
      Prayer is a very good thing, but then you would still need to follow through on
      what you are praying for. It will
      strenghten you to take more genuine
      responsibility for what you do with your
      life. When it’s like you never said anything, it means you are not following through. The Lord will certainly help you, but you are required to set your life in a given direction and the guidance will follow. If you are financially dependent on him, then you
      must find a way to support yourself and
      share in the support of your child as well.

    11. Josie

      In my case, I think I finally had the wake up call I needed. I know it’s not easy to move on, especially if the situation has been going on for years, but by making the actual choice to do so…I’m finding more things fall into place, and things finally moving on. I’ve felt sort of stalled out for the last at least 2 years! It’s nice to have things working this way again!

    12. C.Ladydog@gmail.com

      This was written just for me and I know it… lol. Thank you for this. I am 52 been here done that to many times..And it is time again..
      Some asked where to start… SAVE money… Hide it…
      Take it and go….I hate to admit it but I have had to start over to many times. The last, I found fives acres, worked odd jobs while he was at work. Paid 100 a month for that land for five years and extra when I could.. After four years I had a mobile home set on it and moved in..Years later, I sold it and bought me a new home a real house. I did it a lone and I work for me doing what ever I can find to make a dollar. You have to stop having excuses and work hard. Good luck to you all. I am actually looking forward to my new adventure.

    13. Alisha

      I really enjoyed the article…., but my situation is different. Me and my baby’s dad has been together for 8 yrs. For most of those yrs I have been wanting to get out and find out who I am. I have actually worked up the nerve to tell him a couple of times that I needed to separate and work on me. But it always goes back to the say ole things like I never said anything. Now this time I told him I didn’t want to be with him at all….he said he understood, but nothing has changed…everything is still the same. I feel like I’m going crazy cause I can’t get away. Now he has asked me to marry him and I told him no but again it’s like I never said anything. I want out anyone have any methods to get me out. I know I need to be patient and wait for the Lord to work it out but it feels like I’m not doing anything, and I feel like the situation is getting worse. Thank you for listening and being an ear.

    14. Alisha

      Let Go and Let God. Start fasting and ask the Lord for strength and guidance to fix your situation, and believe that it is done and it shall be. What God has made no man can destroy, but Satan is trying, but don’t let him. Keep your head up and keep moving forward.

    15. Patty

      I have been seperaited for 6 1/2 years my husband walked out on me after we bought a house on 6.5 acres to live with a 65 year old ugly woman and here I am still alone i never dated or wanted to be with another man except my husband. I am so hurt and I dont know what way to go anymore and very confused. you see when his girlfriends is out of town he calls me up to go have sex with him and he will even come over to have sex with me. she has no Idea what he is doing because he is cheating on her with me. but everytime he comes over and we have sex i write the date down in my book. I still love my husband and we are still married and not divorced because florida law is Adulty is leagle and I would have to sell everything and split it with him 50/50 and I feel its not fair because I was not the one who walked out on him. I am at wits end and dont know what to do I just want to end my life to get rid of the pain.

    16. Karen

      My 23 year old Daughter found her true love in a soulmate when she was 14 and in her freshman year in High School. He was 17 and a senior. He went out of her life when he graduated, and he came back into her life when she was 18, but they did not date till she was 19. She was with him for a little over 4 years. It just didn’t work out. He did not treat her all that well. She kept hanging onto him. They went out, then they broke up, then they dated, etc. Finally she realized it was not going to work. Same old, same old. She is with one of his guy friends now.

    17. Vanessa

      It is heartbreaking to love someone and get nothing in return. I have all the above signs in my life right now. I just don’t know how to move on. I tried 2 years ago but we ended up saving our marriage. Now 10 years have gone by and all the signs are there but how do I do it? Where do I start?

    18. Francine


      Great article. I am not with anyone at the moment, but this is a great checklist to keep on hand and to remind yourself every now and then to be true to yourself.

      Thank you




    20. SL

      Great article! I am in a deep rut at this moment with regards to my relationship and reading this is like a sign from God. Thanks

    21. Charles

      I suppose this was from Giovanna who listed these 10 signs,which I felt them running all over me, I wish I can do more than 10 but such egoism from others living around won’t let us move, could be luck of education or money talks.
      Thanks Giovanna.

    22. sandiescanlon@hotmail.com

      I found this inspiring Giovanna! You made life understandable XX Love and Light and also true blessings XXXXX

    23. jennifer

      This is so true. When you start feeling almost all of the above signs in a relationship, it is really time to move on before you wake up one morning that you have lost your sense of self.Not easy but can be made possible if you really want to give yourself another chance to live and be happy again.
      It may affect how you will trust others again but each man is different and as long as we learn to love and respect ourselves again, it is possible to move on again and let go of the past. It is not worth it when whatever you have is just drained and not replenished.


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