11 Signs You’re Going Through a Spiritual Transformation

11 Signs You're Going Through a Spiritual Transformation | California Psychics

The Stirrings of a Transformation

What is a spiritual transformation? Simply stated, it is your soul’s awakening, which is the purpose of our life on Earth. This awakening appears to come in stages, from being seemingly sound asleep at birth and growing into wide-eyed, wakeful awareness throughout your life. It is said there is no death, and that you take this soul knowledge with you into your next life.

Think of it as a caterpillar going into chrysalis until it is ready to burst forth into new life as a beautiful butterfly. This transformation is necessarily brutal, for the caterpillar must dissolve itself into a kind of soup before it can grow into this wondrous new being. It can feel like a life-or-death struggle, but Spirit is there to sustain you as you are essentially born anew into a higher plane of being, seeing, feeling, thinking, and knowing.

Signs of a Spiritual Transformation

Here are 11 unmistakable signs you’re going through a spiritual transformation:

  1. You begin to question your beliefs, your goals, and who you are at your core.
  2. What used to bring you pleasure no longer holds the same satisfaction. You now find yourself turning to people and interests that are very different from what brought you joy and in which you found meaning in the past.
  3. You become more aware of your reactions to people and events around you. As a result, you start to cut the negative and the toxic people out of your life, even if they’re family, to prevent your energy from being negatively affected by them.
  4. You have moments of complete despair when it feels as though your whole life is falling apart around you. Fear not, for while it truly is darkest before the dawn, you can trust that your inner sun will rise again. Things have to end before something new can begin, but sometimes it is painful.
  5. The desire for moments of silence and solitude increases. To return to the idea of the caterpillar, it must withdraw in order to transform, and so must you from time to time. Being alone allows you to meditate on the questions you have about your life, the new feelings you are experiencing, and the changes you wish to deploy without the distraction of outside influences. It’s a necessary and natural part of a spiritual transformation.
  6. Gradually you feel drawn into sensitive depths of feeling, thought, and perception, and you want to be surrounded more by those who have deeper wisdom, insight, and guidance to share with you. Your inner student will draw the right teachers to you. Whether pleasant or painful, these teachers and what they have to say may come in unexpected forms and ways, but they will be right on time. They’ll show you exactly what you need to know in that moment, and will always work together for your greatest good.
  7. You set about developing a powerful personal connection with Spirit, recognizing that while religion/spirituality can be a wonderful thing, no middleman is required, for you are going directly to your Higher Power, whatever that may be.
  8. You recognize that Divine purpose is real, and you’ll consciously link hands with your angels! You will no longer feel like you’re in a haze, not knowing the why of anything, even within yourself. You have awakened and now you understand so much more.
  9. You are no longer afraid to look inside your soul in order to find your answers to the greatest puzzle, which is you, yourself!
  10. You will feel yourself rising above Cosmic Consciousness (the typically shallow selfishness, immaturity, and lack of empathy, understanding, and compassion that plagues mankind) and into the realm of the Mystic (the depths of empathic understanding, true compassion, spiritual maturity, greater wisdom, and aligning with Spirit more fully and completely).
  11. You will explore your intuition and discover the psychic gifts Spirit has given you in this life. It is this awareness, depth, sensitivity, understanding, and perception that brings your soul true freedom. You will have broken out of the little black box of the non-intuitive life and no one will ever be able to stuff you back in it. You are living in conscious union with Spirit and your angels and you will feel truly blessed.

Pluto, the Arbiter of Change

These life-changing events are often the result of Pluto transiting your natal chart. Know for certain that although even good change is stressful, all of the changes and transformations being worked in you are for your highest good and greatest happiness. Endure it with a hopeful heart, and you will see that it all really does get better. Be sure to check with one of our gifted astrologers here at California Psychics to see in which part of your chart Pluto is transiting for you right now. If you don’t yet have your birth chart, you can join our Karma Rewards program and receive your birth chart for free!

Here’s a brief description of transit Pluto in the twelve houses of your natal chart:

  • First House: You, yourself are changing and stepping into your personal power.
  • Second House: Your relationship to finances, property, and your personal values transform.
  • Third House: You will experience changes in the way you think and communicate.
  • Fourth House: Your home life will change somehow, along with your inner foundation.
  • Fifth House: Your love life, creativity, and children will experience transformation now.
  • Sixth House: Your work, daily life, and health will transform.
  • Seventh House: Your relationships will be affected and undergo changes.
  • Eighth House: The transformation of your very soul is underway here.
  • Ninth House: Your higher learning will grow and change deeply under this transit.
  • Tenth House: Your career and life goals will shift and change.
  • Eleventh House: Your friendships, your hopes, and your dreams will transform somehow.
  • Twelfth House: That which is hidden, especially in the subconscious, will come up to be transformed and released.

The Struggle is Real, and Worth it

While it isn’t easy to embrace the struggle of rebirth in any area of your life, stay the course, because it will ultimately be rewarding, make you feel powerful, and capable of handling what is affected in your life more than ever before. This power will naturally radiate into every area of your consciousness, spirit, and life over time. Keep in mind that it’s all worthwhile, for it will give you greater peace of mind, a sense of knowing life itself, and a constant inner bliss.

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