30 Day Reflection Journal Challenge

30 Day Reflection Journal Challenge | California Psychics

Looking Back on Another Year

Cliché though it may be, it is truly difficult to believe another year has come and is about to be gone. It’s mind-boggling how the same twelve months can both fly by and represent a radical, meaningful change in our lives. The speed at which the year has passed makes it all the more important to devote time and attention to reflecting on it as we move into the new one, so we can draw the connections between our life experiences thus far and the direction we are steering ourselves in. What can we learn from the past twelve months? What patterns can we identify? Can we pinpoint growth? Have we celebrated? Mourned? Taken accountability?

Let us pause and think back in an effort to securely stow new lessons we will carry with us, release toxic energies, and engage in this next year with intention and purpose.

30 Days of Reflections

Use the list below to take a moment out of your day to reflect upon your year. If you’d like, you can journal about your thoughts, or just sit quietly with them.

  1. How did you treat yourself this year? Would you treat a close friend the same way?
  2. What is something that you imagined would happen this year, but didn’t?
  3. Who did you get to know better this year? What was it about this year that facilitated a deeper connection?
  4. What is one mistake you made this year?
  5. Where did you go for the first time this year? Write that memory down in as much detail as you can remember.
  6. Why do you feel pulled to reflect on this year? What do you hope to gain?
  7. What is something you worked on this year that is still in progress?
  8. 5+ years from now, when you look back on this year, what do you think you’ll remember the most? Then, think back to your life 5 years ago. What is most prominent about that year for you?
  9. Which of your goals sat on the back burner the most this year? Why?
  10. Who was a magical presence in your life this year? Do they know you feel this way?
  11. How can you tell you have grown this year?
  12. Where did you experience awe this year?
  13. What are you most proud of from this year? Have you properly celebrated?
  14. Who did you show up for this year? Who would you have liked to show up for, more?
  15. How did you affect the world this year?
  16. What was the tastiest meal you enjoyed this year?
  17. When can you recall feeling most at peace this year?
  18. Why will this upcoming year be different from last year? What information do you already have?
  19. Which album would make the best soundtrack for this year, as a movie?
  20. How will you release this year as you move into the next?
  21. When did you feel most yourself this year? How could you tell?
  22. Which fictional character would have made the best sidekick for you this year?
  23. What is something you completed this year? Congratulations on your achievement!
  24. Who did you rely on this year?
  25. Where did you do your best thinking this year?
  26. Which of your decisions do you feel most aligned with this year? What does that alignment feel like in your body?
  27. When did you feel like you were enough this year?
  28. What surprised you this year? Did you enjoy that surprise?
  29. How are you the same now as you were at the beginning of this year?
  30. What would you say to yourself 12 months ago, if you could? You could write this in letter format if that appeals to you.

There’s Always a New Beginning

If it helps, think of a year as a chapter in the book of your life. As you close this one and open another, ask yourself, where are you in the story? How are you taking all the previous chapters into account as you write the new one? How does the story flow?

We each exist upon the magnifying glass of the present as it moves along the timeline of our lives, synthesizing, reacting, planning, coping, falling, and getting back up again. As you take this precious time to look back and imagine ahead, remember to offer yourself grace. You are an imperfect being in an imperfect world, striving to do your best. Learn from your mistakes. Celebrate your victories. Dream big. Breathe deeply. And be assured as you enter this new year, though you are imperfect, you are enough and that is a wonder.

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