7 Steps for Emotional Freedom

7 Steps to Emotional Freedom | California Psychics

The Protective Sphere of Emotional Freedom

Have you ever wished you could live inside a protective bubble that will keep you safe from hurtful things people say and do? If so, you’re looking for emotional freedom. Emotional freedom is the process through which we learn to control our emotional state. Through this process, we build a metaphorical bubble around ourselves so any negativity that comes our way bounces right off. We’d all love to achieve emotional freedom in some form. Here are seven ways to get it.

Reframe Your Past

So many of us are caught up in who we used to be and what we used to do. It could be decades later, and we still can’t let go of some bad decision that’s embarrassing or shameful. Regret is hard to let go of, so what should we do instead? Reframe the past. You can’t change what happened, so focus on finding the lesson in your bad decision. Call all your mistakes lessons and take a step towards emotional freedom.

Forgive and Forget

Many people think forgiveness is only about letting someone off the hook, but forgiveness is also about choosing to let go of what someone has done to you, and it’s an integral part of your emotional freedom. Forgive everyone, no matter what they have done. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you believe what they did to you was okay; forgiveness means that you are letting go of how they made you feel. Don’t hold on to your emotional pain, no matter where it comes from.

End Toxic Relationships

Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean they won’t ever hurt you. But if the hurt is constant and intentional, you’re in a toxic relationship. It’s time to let that person go—no matter who they are. You aren’t going to work things out (you’ve probably already spent years trying), so walk away. You will never be emotionally independent if you continue to let toxic people mishandle your emotions.

Be and Accept Yourself

Emotionally independent people aren’t interested in being someone they’re not. They think and act for themselves. To be emotionally independent you need to be yourself, because you are fine just the way you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to make someone else happy. And accept who you are—flaws and all. Your flaws don’t make you bad or insignificant.

Teach Yourself to Be Optimistic

You’ve probably been told that happiness is a choice and it’s true. You have two choices in life, no matter what you’re doing or experiencing: you can choose to be optimistic or you can choose to be pessimistic. If pessimism is the easier option, ask yourself why. If you’re look for the good in everything, you’re teaching yourself to be optimistic and you’re on the path to achieving emotional freedom.

Put Yourself First Sometimes

Putting yourself first doesn’t make you a selfish person. Selfish people constantly put themselves first and don’t care about other people. You care about other people, but you can’t care so much for others that you don’t focus on your own well-being. Learn to say no when you don’t want to do something and stop worrying about disappointing others. Selfish people say no all the time because they don’t want to help others or do anything that doesn’t benefit them. You’re going to say no because you really don’t have the time, you need a break, or it’s just too costly. When you put yourself first, you are practicing emotional freedom. You aren’t letting someone else’s disappointment take precedence over your emotional or physical needs.

Prepare for the Backlash

The emotionally independent version of you could ruffle a few feathers, so you need to be prepared for some backlash. Suddenly you’re not the people-pleasing, punching bag people have come to know and “love.” When we make big changes, we upset what others feel is the natural order of things. It’s as if their happiness and success depend on you being a certain way. They certainly liked the old version of you better. But people who don’t support your move towards emotional freedom don’t need to be in your life. Let them go, along with everything else that wreaks havoc on your emotions. Here’s to building your bubble.

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  1. Swety

    Rationally, it is right. But it is not so easy to do it. One has to work upon him/herself in order to bring about his/her personality change, and yes, it takes time and needs your will for change. no doubt, finally it deserves our efforts. I did it (half of this was my own plan, part of it – a reaction to some unjust si9tuations) and – YES – the result was: a) I felt much better and relieved because I released my inner tension, and b) I gave lesson to those who took me for granted, and received their respect. our relations work much better now.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This all very true. Some very important life lessons are laid out in this article.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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