Best Crystals for Creativity

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Seven Crystals for Creativity

Creativity is a powerful force that moves great works of art from the depths of the human soul out into the world. However, it can sometimes be hard to access creativity under the stresses, responsibilities, worries, and fatigue of daily life. When that happens, it can be extremely frustrating to feel disconnected from your creativity, especially if it happens when you need it most! Luckily, there are a variety of crystals that can help boost your creativity and artistic practices. These can be helpful whether you are looking to move past a creative block, improve your skills, focus your creative vision, complete a project, or even just experiment with new mediums.


This stone comes in a variety of colors, including bright blue, yellow, green, and gray. This mineral is found in teeth and bones and is made up of calcium phosphate combined with fluorine, chlorine, or hydroxyl. This crystal supports the Throat Chakra. It improves your communication and speaking skills, increasing your self-expression overall. Apatite is also associated with the Third Eye Chakra, which can help break through emotional fog and reawaken the soul. Additionally, working with this crystal promotes peace and inner calm, reducing your stress and making your thought processes clearer.


This is a red-orange, semiprecious quartz stone. The red hues come from iron oxide, which becomes a deeper red when exposed to heat. Working with carnelian can help you act on your ideas. It is also known to ward off negative energy and help with positive thinking, which can motivate you to start or complete a project. Carnelian improves mental clarity. This stone can engage the Sacral Chakra, sparking the imagination and acting as a physical manifestation of passion and fire. Carnelian inspires the bravery needed for creation and the endurance needed for project completion.


Joy, sunshine, and hope! This quartz stone ranges from a yellow-gold to a deep orange color and is made up of linked oxygen and silicon atoms. Citrine stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra, and it helps you take your ideas and make them into reality. Working with this crystal promotes positive energy and stimulates thoughts and ideas. Some find it best to use this stone in moderation because it has such potent energy.


This stone is red or orange-red, often with black and brown patches. It is formed when aluminum-rich sedimentary rock is exposed to immense pressure. Garnet exudes a sense of warmth and motivation. It is associated with the Sacral Chakra, often capable of reigniting passion and love for your artistic practices. Working with garnet encourages optimism and positivity, and it can help you break negative habits. Garnet brings new ideas forth through your dreams or daydreams, and it can assist with clear self-expression. This stone is also good for unearthing hidden talents and increasing concentration and energy, which can help you make progress on a project.

Lapis Lazuli

This blue-violet stone is made up of blue lazurite, pyrite, hazy white calcite, and other minerals. Lapis lazuli has a long historical connection to art — it was once crushed up and used as a pigment in artistic projects. This past makes it a strong choice to work with when seeking artistic inspiration. The stone engages the Third Eye Chakra by promoting inner peace and spiritual awareness. This can help you understand how to apply your talents and bring about the world you want to live in. Lapis lazuli can also assist you with tapping into your psychic intuition so you can have a better sense of what the right decisions are.

Tangerine Quartz

This orange and yellow crystal is formed when clear quartz bonds with rust. Working with tangerine quartz engages the imagination. This stone is associated with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, helping you distill new ideas into a form that can emerge into the world with the least resistance. It also opens you to new perspectives, which may aid in problem-solving and calming fear and anxiety. Tangerine quartz is a great crystal for engaging in self-reflection and other internal work.

Tiger’s Eye

This gold and brown layered stone is made up of marbled moganite and quartz. Tiger’s eye channels both sun and earth energy to create a balanced flow of energy and confidence. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, tiger’s eye helps you understand who you are so you can fully embody that version of yourself. It is sometimes known as the “ambition stone” because it motivates people to accomplish their goals. Working with tiger’s eye can help you diffuse self-doubt, negative thoughts, and bad moods. It will also help you cultivate open-mindedness.

Why Use Crystals for Creativity?

Working with crystals helps balance your mind and emotions as well as move past creative blocks. The stones connect your intentions with the energy of the Universe and the infinite space of potential. Try experimenting with different stones and/or different combinations of stones to see which yields the results you are seeking. Additionally, you can try using a variety of different methods to work with them. These include meditation, decorative inspiration, and placement in crystal grids. You can also try wearing the crystals in jewelry or placing them under your pillow. Experimenting with crystals can be a great place to start renewing your relationship with creativity, as it can bring an influx of new energy to your workspace. Happy creating!

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