The Best Self-Care Routine for Cancer

The Best Self-Care Routine for Cancer | California Psychics

What is Cancer Self-Care?

Happy Cancer season! As the shy Crab reluctantly takes the stage, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Cancer during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Cancer, you can use this guide to help your Cancer friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Cancer season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Leo season.

Nurturing and empathetic, crabby and closed off, Cancer is a study in contradictions. The homebody of the zodiac, the moon-ruled Crab is sweet and spicy in equal measures. When it comes to the people they love, they’re giving to a fault, but they rarely know how to ask for what they need in return, creating a need for self-care that they’re the last to know about. So, what is Cancer self-care? It’s sleeping in as long as they want, then cooking up the best brunch this side of a five-star restaurant. It’s going for long swims and cuddling with their partner. It’s losing themselves in a fantasy novel or fantasizing about building their dream home. For Cancer, self-care is letting their creativity loose, meditating with water, and staying connected with their loved ones.

What Stresses a Cancer Out?

If they could, Cancer would be everybody’s mom (regardless of gender) because they are just that much of a caretaker. The problems of their loved ones are Cancer’s problems, and they will always lend an ear to whoever needs one. Unsurprisingly, Cancer has a lot of natural empathy, which means that they take a lot of stress on themselves that doesn’t belong to them. They also sometimes struggle to express their emotions, which can be a blow to their self-confidence, because they are extremely emotionally intelligent when it comes to other people. Cancer often tends to be an introvert, preferring to stay close to home and the familiar. New experiences make them nervous, specifically the fear of doing something wrong and embarrassing themselves. They prefer the known, even if it holds them back. Anything to not experience more stress; at least, that’s what they tell themselves. This is why a self-care routine is essential for even someone as homebound as the Crab.

Self-Care for the Mind of a Cancer

  • Morning Routine- Once they roll out of bed, a nice long shower to help prime them for the day is absolutely necessary (they are a Water sign after all). Afterward, a homemade breakfast, and a short walk, with the family pet if you have one, is an excellent way to start the day off on the right foot.
  • Artistic Hobbies- Cancer is often blessed with an active imagination and a creative mind, which makes the arts a natural fit for them. Thankfully, the world of arts and crafts has plenty of things to choose from that the naturally introverted Crab can do within the confines of their cozy home. Watercolor, knitting, poetry, or piano are all hobbies that Cancer would enjoy doing when they need a break from the outside world.
  • Cooking- Cancer is one of the more nurturing signs of the zodiac, as well as the sign that rules the home. It’s no surprise then, that one of their retreats when they need to calm their mind, is the very heart of the home, the kitchen. Making fun, comforting, indulgent food for themselves and the people they care about is one of their favorite things, and their go-to when they need to stop worrying about the outside world for a little while.

Self-Care for the Body of a Cancer

  • Swimming- It’s no surprise that being a Water sign, the ideal exercise routine for Cancer would involve swimming. Whether it’s in a pool, a lake, or the ocean is not important, for all water is equal in Cancers’ eyes.
  • Ballroom Dancing- Cancers are die-hard romantics, and there’s not a lot that’s not romantic about learning to waltz with your partner. Is dancing exercise? Yes. Will Cancer care all that much when the end result is being spun around a ballroom in their partner’s arms? No, they will not.
  • Sleep- Cancers love to sleep. In fact, sleeping as late as they can is one of Cancer’s primary goals each day and one of their favorite places is their bed. Generally, Cancers need about eight or more hours of sleep, and it helps if they have a nightly ritual to help them get into a relaxing headspace before bed. Of course, all matters pertaining to sleep needs should be discussed with a medical professional. 

Self-Care for the Heart of a Cancer

  • Romantic Partners- Cancer is one of the more romantically inclined signs in the zodiac, so they need an emotional connection with their partner. Dating doesn’t come easily to Cancer, so once they get into a relationship, they invest themselves in it completely. Cancer may hold onto a relationship for the sake of appearances or for the sake of keeping the family together, no matter what it costs them, which can sometimes trap them in manipulative situations. The problem is, for all that Cancer loves to take care of other people, they’re rarely good at asking for what they need themselves, but it is an essential part of making a healthy relationship with romantic partners work. Cancer has to learn how to not only create boundaries but discuss them and bring them up when those boundaries are crossed, or they’re not getting what they need out of the relationship.
  • Friends- Just like with romantic relationships, Cancers have very few casual friends. They need to develop close connections with the people they like before they’re willing to give any part of themselves over to relationships with other people. Once they do, however, they treat their friends like family, which means they’ll do anything for them, and will do anything they can to solve their friends’ problems. On the flip side, Cancer needs to learn to ask their friends for help when they need it, too. It’s not a real friendship when one side is always giving and never receiving after all.
  • Family- Cancer rules the family, so obviously, they care about the bonds of family and their homes more than any other sign. Family memories and traditions are profoundly important to them, and they will often be the ones volunteering to host for holidays, birthdays, and any other family get-togethers. They will also be the first ones to volunteer to babysit, because Cancer loves kids, and even seem to have a telepathic connection with their own children. What Cancer needs to remember though, is that they’re not the only members of their family who can host family functions, and whilst everyone knows better than to suggest that someone else can cook, it is okay to allow other people to help in the kitchen and with the cleanup.

Self-Care for the Spirit of a Cancer

  • Meditation- People spend a lot of time confiding in Cancer, which can leave them drained, and they need something to help rebalance their spirit. Thankfully, a five-to-ten-minute meditation, focusing only on the present moment while soaking in a warm bath at the end of the day is the perfect way to reestablish a peaceful mindset. Aromatherapy and soft music are optional, and if it helps, add a mantra as well. If they need one, this is an easy and fast item for Cancer to add to their evening routine.
  • Alone Time- Thanks to their natural empathy, Cancer can get easily overwhelmed. And while their greatest joy is in spending time with their loved ones, even they need time alone to regroup and let their social batteries recharge.

What Relaxes a Cancer?

  • Beach Walks- Water signs are probably the most emotional of all the zodiac, and Cancer is the most emotional of them all. This makes them both more empathetic, but also more prone to stress. Thankfully, being in proximity to their home element, Water, is usually extremely relaxing for them. Long walks along the beach, no matter what time of day, preferably close enough for the waves to touch their ankles, will instantly melt the tension Cancer is carrying around.
  • Spa Day- Everyone needs a day to just be spoiled, and Cancer is no exception. While not obsessed with luxury as some of their other signs, Cancer does enjoy being pampered, nonetheless. A day where they can lounge around getting a massage, a mani/pedi, or hanging around in a sauna is exactly what they need from time to time.

Activities Where a Cancer Can Let Go

  • Karaoke- Cancer doesn’t like the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they’ve never harbored dreams of being a pop star. Cancer tends to enjoy music and singing a lot, and if they or anyone they know owns a karaoke machine, it won’t take much to persuade them to take a turn. You might even have a hard time wrestling the mic away from them at the end of the night. Just don’t try to get them to do it in public. They have their limits. 
  • Home Projects- Cancer takes great pride in their home and is always making improvements to it, big and small. Give them a free hour, and they will completely rearrange the furniture in the living room or their bedroom. Or, let them loose in the fabric section, and they’ll pick out entirely new upholstery for the couch, all of the chairs, and know exactly what kind of curtains are needed to match. They may even sketch out plans for their dream home from time to time.

Cancer’s True Guilty Pleasure

  • Rom Coms- For Cancer, nothing makes a rainy day better than curling up on the couch with their partner and bingeing rom-coms. They don’t even mind if the movie makes them cry, as long as they get their happy ending. The sappier the better.
  • Fantasy Novels- Cancer is a big fan of fantasy in all forms; movies, TV shows, and books. So, when they get their hands on a really good fantasy series, they can get lost in it for days. They may even forget to sleep, and that’s practically Cancer’s favorite thing!

Refilling the Reserves

Cancer is one of the most loving signs of the zodiac, and they truly enjoy spending time with and taking care of their friends and loved ones. Taking time for themselves, away from those who need them, can feel like selfishness to the caring Crab, but it’s the farthest thing from it. This personalized self-care routine is meant to help Cancer replenish their energy levels when they naturally give too much. No one can give what isn’t there, and it’s never selfish to take a little time to rebalance. Cancer just needs to be reminded of that more often than most. 

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