The Best Self-Care Routine for Leo

The Best Self-Care Routine for Leo | California Psychics

What is Leo Self-Care?

Happy Leo season! As the season of the regal Lion begins, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Leo during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Leo, you can use this guide to help your Leo friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Leo season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Virgo season.

None of the zodiac signs shine brighter than Leo, in fact, they work hard to ensure it. The Big Cat is ambitious, luxurious, and works hard to achieve both, so while they should be a natural at self-care, that’s not always the case. But what exactly does self-care look like for Leo? It’s stealing the spotlight on whatever stage they come across. It’s nurturing their creative side with trips to the museum, then letting their own inner artist free. It’s basking in the sun like their namesake for hours on end. For Leo, self-care is plenty of recognition, a little bit of pampering, and plenty of time to do their thing.

What Stresses a Leo Out?

Leo’s biggest problem is that they tend to be giant control freaks. This means that they naturally walk around with a lot of stress on their shoulders. They have a hard time trusting others to do things correctly, so they try to do everything themselves, adding more stress to their plate. Being both a Fire sign, and a fixed sign, Leo likes to have a plan, and can easily get upset when that plan doesn’t go perfectly, or if the plan is changed at the last minute. For these reasons, they find it extremely difficult to ever fully relax. Of course, all of this is a side effect of Leo’s desire to be noticed and praised. It’s not fair to just call them attention-seeking, for they’re hardly the only member of the zodiac who enjoys being the center of attention (most Fire signs and some Air signs share this trait too). But Leo’s self-esteem is often securely wrapped up in whether or not they are succeeding in their goals, and when their hard work is not recognized, it hurts them and stresses them out. This, in turn, can lead to them working even harder, taking even more control over the projects they work on, and creating a vicious cycle of even more stress. To help prevent that, here’s the best self-care routine for the Big Cat.   

Self-Care for the Mind of a Leo

  • Morning Routine- Leo is not generally a morning person, so it’s best to keep a consistent morning routine. It should also include things that aren’t related to work such as chatting with a friend who will help start the morning off on the right foot (or paw), a workout they enjoy, and taking their time with an indulgent skin-care routine.
  • Museum/Art Gallery Tours- Leo has an extremely creative and ambitious mind that sometimes has a hard time calming down. Taking a tour of an art gallery, a museum, or even an outdoor art piece, such as a botanical garden (in person or virtual), is the perfect way for Leo to both feed their creativity and calm their racing minds.
  • Painting- Being a Fire sign, Leo prefers their creativity to be loud, even if it’s only ever for them. Painting is a wonderful creative outlet for them, because it allows them to express their emotions with wild abandon, and no one else’s say so. If they’re pleased with their work at the end, it can become a display piece as well, which speaks to all parts of their being.

Self-Care for the Body of a Leo

  • HIIT Workouts- The sign of Leo rules the heart, so they respond best to exercises that get that muscle really pumping. Since HIIT workouts are high-energy and designed to be extremely active, they’re the perfect workout for the ruler of the jungle.
  • Pilates- Rulership of the heart means rulership over the circulatory system. And while high-energy workouts are certainly great for getting the heart moving, gentler forms of exercise can be just as effective for everything else, hence Pilates. It may not cause Leo to sweat, but it will help them stretch, get them into a calmer mindset, and help release any negative energy blocks they may be carrying inside, so it’s an all-around win for the Big Cat.    
  • Sleep- Unlike some zodiac signs, Leo is sleep-neutral; meaning that it’s neither an imposition nor is it one of their favorite things in life. However, when they do go to sleep, they can fall asleep rather easily, even if they’ve just experienced an adrenaline rush. They prefer to sleep on their back, and if possible, they don’t like to sleep alone. All in all, Leo should get around seven hours of sleep a night, though these things should be discussed with a medical professional.

Self-Care for the Heart of a Leo

  • Romantic Partners- Leo tends to be a loyal and generous lover in every sense of the word. On the flip side, they can become overbearing and take the lead in the relationship without their partner’s input. So, boundaries and trust need to be established within the relationship early on, and if those boundaries are crossed, it has to be acknowledged. Leo is one of the zodiac signs that need a partner who can stand up to them when necessary because Leo doesn’t like to be alone. This can lead to them mistaking flattery, attention, and their partner letting Leo take charge in the relationship for love, when it’s not, and will ultimately end in Leo being hurt. True partnership is about equality and compromise, and while Leo likes being the leader and the nurturer, such an imbalance in the relationship isn’t good for either partner.
  • Friends- Social and enthusiastic, it’s a not surprise that Leo would have a large circle of friends. They are very protective of them, and happily pour a lot of time and energy into their friendships. However, it can be difficult for Leo to find the kind of friends who are willing and/or able to keep up with their often-boundless energy. Just like with romantic partners, it’s best to have boundaries in friendships. For Leo, the friends to keep close are the ones who are willing to invest as much into their friendship as Leo does.
  • Family- Unlike their closest zodiac neighbor, Cancer, Leo is not tied to family and tradition. Leo is far too creative and independent to ever be tied to one place their whole lives, no matter how much they love their family. That doesn’t diminish the protective streak they hold for their family, or the innate desire to nurture that Leo always has. When it comes to their family, if Leo can find the right balance between familial love and their prized independence, such as weekly calls and trips home every once in a while, then everything will work out between them.

Self-Care for the Spirit of a Leo

  • Meditation- In life, things rarely go accordingly to plan, which is a great source of stress to perfectionist Leo. In moments of extreme stress, Qigong is an excellent meditation for Leo to practice. Qigong incorporates both breathing exercises and controlled movement from ancient Chinese practices designed to help calm the mind and offer a feeling of overall balance, which Leo needs in such moments.
  • Volunteer- Fire signs have a reputation for being a bit self-centered, but Leo has a soft center that can’t help but reveal itself when the problems of the world come knocking on their door. When this happens, finding an organization to volunteer with for a few hours, specifically one that works with kids, is the perfect escape for Leo. Leo rules the fifth house, which subsequently rules children, so they have a natural affinity for young people. It soothes the need to nurture that Leo always carries around with them but can’t always express because they’re so busy trying to keep everything under control.

What Relaxes a Leo?

  • Massage- Being a perfectionist 24/7 can leave the Big Cat feeling like they’re carrying the world on their shoulders. And with all of that pressure weighing them down, it’s no surprise that their back (another piece of the body that Leo rules) needs frequent TLC. A massage is a perfect way for Leo to release some of the constant tension they carry around with them, even if it’s only for an hour or two. Adding hot stones into the mix will make it even more relaxing because there’s nothing that Leo loves more than heat. Speaking of which…
  • Basking in the Heat- Leo hates being cold. Napping is not in their repertoire, but if there’s a nice sunbeam, and they’re at loose ends, they may just lie down in it like the Big Cat they are to recharge their solar batteries (they’re ruled by the sun after all). At a spa, if you lose track of your Leo, just check the sauna; they’ll stay in there all day if they’re allowed.

Activities Where a Leo Can Let Go

  • Theatre- Look, Leo isn’t the only sign with a reputation for being dramatic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not somewhat earned. When they’re on stage, Leo gets to let out all of the emotions that they try to keep ahold of in their daily lives as they climb the ladder of their ambitions. It helps that their sign rules theatre, so they come by their love of the spotlight honestly.
  • Dance- What is dance but a physical expression of emotion? And Leo has a lot of emotions to express. Dance is freeing, fun, and is another way for Leo to steal the spotlight if they choose to do any performance-based dancing. Dancing at a club is just as freeing for the Lion though, and there are plenty of lights on that dance floor too.

Leo’s True Guilty Pleasure

  • Singing/Karaoke- It’s hard to drag the Lion out of the spotlight, and singing is one of their favorite ways to steal it. In fact, they love pretty much all music, but break out the karaoke machine at a party, or take them to a bar where it’s an option, and they’re going to be well occupied for the rest of the evening. Hope you weren’t expecting to have a conversation with them at all.
  • Eating Out- Cooking isn’t one of Leo’s strong suits anyway but going out to eat at a fancy restaurant is a true guilty pleasure for them. They enjoy luxury, but Leo’s love for it is often more understated and cozier than flashy. Nice restaurants where reservations are hard to come by though; they know it’s luxurious, and they don’t mind showing that off a little.

Fanning the Flame

Leo wants the world, and they’re not afraid of the work it takes to achieve it. However, being ruled by the sun doesn’t gift them a lifetime supply of solar energy, which they often forget. Self-care is more than just allowing themselves their favorite luxuries from time to time, though that’s certainly part of it. If Leo wants to be free to truly chase their ambitions to their highest heights, they must allow their inner Fire to be fully restored, which means giving into actual self-care and relaxation sometimes, not just going halfway.

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