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The Power of Daily Focus

Greetings, gentle readers! We have a wonderful Daily Focus for you this week. It was presented to me during a walking meditation. While walking through the forest, I found a beautiful fern-laden glen that called to me. Inside the clearing, I found an old fallen tree that made the perfect place to stop and hear what was being presented to me at that moment. The resulting time of deep meditation brought a banquet to my soul, and I am presenting the highlights to you in this offering of Daily Focus.

As the world around me quieted to include only the sounds of soft breezes and the occasional crack of a twig beneath a nearby deer’s hoof, my mind opened to a deeper understanding and a vastness of vision. My Guides stepped aside and I was one with the multiverse of all things seen and unseen. The gentle rays of sunlight became part of my body and, in turn, my body’s energy was being sent back in small multicolored pieces of light.

I sought inspiration to provide comfort, wisdom, and guidance for you, as well as for myself. The following mantras are presented to you just as they were offered to me. I hope you will glean as much insight from them as I do. These are universal ideas and they can have universal impact.

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April 20

“Confidence keeps still and is quiet. It speaks for itself. Insecurities scream!”

When you are the quiet one in the room, if you are paying attention, you are perceived as wise. Allow your insecurities to transform you. Let your inner wisdom offer you the confidence you deserve. You are seen far more positively than you may believe. You are a genuinely wonderful person. Let those qualities shine and create peaceful admiration. You have so much to offer!

April 21

“Only I can judge or change my life. I am not dependent on how others view my world.”

Regardless of what others may say about you, those words cannot negatively impact you without your permission. You are the only one who has walked your path and you are the only one who knows your truth. Be courageous enough to accept the reality of your past and adventurous enough to not allow the past to overshadow your future.

April 22

“Forgiveness does not mean forgetting.”

Sometimes the act of forgiving causes more suffering than the original transgression. The alternative to forgiveness is bitterness and hatred. The weight of those emotions can be seen across the faces of the people holding on to the offense. It can also be seen in all those who care for the wounded one. Walls are built, people drift apart and for what? Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to continue to be part of the transgressor’s life. It doesn’t mean you have to be joyous about what happened. It simply means you release. No more emotion attached to the event in question. They are forgiven. The opposite of love is not hate; it’s apathy.

April 23

“Three things enrich every kind of love: good memories, forgiveness, and anticipation of the positive.”

When you think about the people in your life, do you think of the harm they have caused or do you think of how much fun you had together? If you have more people causing harm than those whose presence you enjoy, you may want to look at quality versus quantity. Not everyone is supposed to stay in your life forever. Sometimes a little spring cleaning is in order for you to see the great people in your life more clearly.

April 24

“In an argument, the first to seek forgiveness is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.”

Releasing bad experiences from your thoughts is not ignoring what happened. It is not about altering the reality of the event. It is about choosing happiness. Discord and division have never assisted anyone who sought peace and happiness.

April 25

“Loving and forgiving are tangible proof of the transformation of the human spirit.”

When we love from our soul, we send out an energy that is so intense it has the ability to be recorded on film! This force is the base of all life and all possibilities. It is more powerful than any weapon devised by man or any emotion you can experience. It is the seat of all energy, and it is alive in you right now! The way you live your life and construct your beliefs are entirely up to you. Which will you choose today?

April 26

“The tongue has no bones, yet it is strong enough to shatter a life.”

We’ve all heard the old adage about keeping our words sweet because we may eat them one day. However, there is more to that truth than what is immediately recognized. Spoken or written words transcend time and they remain long after the person or event has expired. We are the authors of every part of our life. We create the flow, the ebb, and the final outcome. Millions of micro efforts create the final results. Each word you speak or write becomes a permanent addition to the universal human experience. What will be your contribution?

You don’t always need to talk or chatter on endlessly about nonsense. By the law of averages, those who talk a great deal leave their mouths open for more foot implanting!

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