Exercise by Sign

Have you had trouble in the past keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? This year, use a secret weapon to make your goals realities, your Sun sign and Ascendant. Understanding their influence over you can help you discover what will keep you motivated.

Here’s a list of what to do to get yourself toned, disciplined and stronger by year’s end. Just keep in mind as you check your Sun Sign that for things involving the body and energy, it’s just as important to consider your Ascendant.

You’re world famous for your energy, because you’re ruled by active, enterprising Mars – the warrior planet. That means you’re wonderful at initiating activity, like joining a new gym, but less good at continuing to show up. Work with your prodigious physical energy to keep yourself interested. Lifting weights in the same circuit will soon bore you silly. Yet something like a class in Judo or kickboxing will hold your attention. You need challenge and change – even better, a sparring partner.

Practical Taurus, you know you need exercise but you are loath to get up from your reading. No matter, making a steadfast commitment will keep you going to the gym as long as you see measurable gains. To insure progress, invest in a monthly visit with a trainer or if you’re very self-disciplined, use a training program with weekly log books and progress charts. You gain momentum through seeing concrete evidence of a return on your efforts. Also consider going outside — a hike somewhere scenic may be inspirational enough to keep you coming back for more.

Glib, fun, spirited Gemini – you’re often having too much fun to go to the gym. To motivate yourself you need a social component to your workout, toiling alone on the StairMaster quickly disheartens you. Try dancing or volleyball, or investigate local co-ed softball or soccer leagues. If you’re having fun, you won’t mind the workout. Consider it social hour — with a little sweat!

Sweet Cancer, if your emotions burned calories, you’d be the most svelte on the block. Use your powerful emotional need for connection to empower your workout routine. Form a pact with someone you like and you’ll show up every time to the gym. This can work equally well if you make an agreement with a running partner. Anything that activates your devotion and ability to commit with the help of others will get you going this year.

Everyone knows the Leo in their midst, your generosity, sense of fun and warmth radiate around you. Sometimes, like the lion you’re given to finding a place in the sun and catching a nap. You need to channel your desires for warmth and attention into your workout plans to meet with success. Wherever you have a chance to physically excel, to shine, to gather adoring eyes, this will keep you coming back time and again. Try ballroom dancing or even hot yoga where you get to stare at your reflection in the mirror while sweating yourself slim. You’ll be one shapely cat by December.

Dutiful, loyal Virgo, you can be so weighed down with obligations that you need something that gives you release, lets you fly free from your cares. Your perfectionistic tendencies will make it bit hard to get going, but keep showing up and you’ll be in much better balance with more to give. Try riding your bike and coasting down hills, or dancing alone in your room where you won’t judge yourself. Set yourself free and a stronger you will be the welcome result.

You beautiful being, you carry the weight of balancing relationships on your capable shoulders. Your standards are high so you may need to honor your need for aesthetics and beauty in your workout routine. Try something precise like Kendo or Tai Chi, this way your spirit will get as much exercise as your body. Then you’ll keep coming back for the stimulation and the challenge.

Dear, dramatic darling Scorpio, in order to stay committed to a new workout routine you need something with either a competitive intensity, something that develops your physical power, or if you’re life is too demanding, something that allows you to escape all that intensity. No matter where you fit in the spectrum, Vinyasa yoga, Power Yoga, or even rock climbing, will keep you intrigued and energized.

Your adventurous nature sometimes gets ignored when you decide on a workout routine. You can be so intent on doing what you know gets results: 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of weights, 20 minutes of stretching that you fail to notice how quickly this routine loses your interest. You need to find something fun and physically challenging to remain committed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a team sport, a jazz dance class that continually adds steps each week… whatever it is, adventure has got to be part of the package.

Admirable goat, by day you’re all ambition, measured activity and caution. You, more than any other sign, have no doubt about the rewards and benefits of an exercise program. Yet, you need to take equally careful measure of the realities of your life right now. If you’re in life/love/work balance, then go with a careful total program, with nutrition, cardio, weights, and activities to develop balance. If you’re feeling a little oppressed by your responsiblities, try something a bit riskier, like sport climbing to give you a sense of freedom, of stretching your boundaries. Respecting your current situation will keep you interested and showing up until you get results.

You’re a tough one, seemingly light and unconcerned yet willfully stubborn underneath. If you’ve had trouble sticking to a workout routine, you probably need something that allows you independence yet connects you to a larger goal. Try training for a charity run, or a team sport, either will give you that sense of a more significant social goal being achieved through your sweat. Mesh your needs and you’ll end the year with a power you’ve never known you could have.

You can be so idealistic and ethereal that you let your body’s needs fall to the wayside. Yet, you love the sensuality of warm water, of floating and gliding through currents. Water sports of all kinds are the best way for you to reconnect to your body and to have an active physical mediation. Follow your heart, and your year will end swimmingly.

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