Giving Yourself the Gift of Love

In this season of giving, you’ll probably spend hours planning, buying and giving gifts. While it’s wonderful to experience the joy of giving to others, you can also use this special time to focus on one of the most important gifts in life: giving yourself the gift of love.

Make a list, check it twice
In the spirit of the season, be like Santa and make a list — but instead of listing who’s naughty and nice, write down all the things you love about yourself. Now’s not the time to be modest – consider the kindness you’ve shown others, your personal strengths and the things you’ve accomplished in your life. When you really think about it, there’s a lot to love about yourself!

Get nestled all snug in your bed
Part of loving yourself is learning to treat your body with the care and respect it deserves — which means that no matter how busy the holiday season is, you take the time to rest. Spend a few minutes each day relaxing, reading a good book or writing a journal. Even better, make a commitment to yourself to get a good night’s sleep every night. Your mind and body will be thankful for the gift of rest all year round.

Deck the halls
As you learn to love yourself, you’ll start to pay attention to the environment around you. You can take care of your mind, body and spirit by avoiding toxic people and situations that you know will only end up hurting you. You can also make your home a haven from the hustle and bustle of the world by filling it with things you love — music, pillows, candles — whatever makes you happy and puts your soul at ease.

Be Jolly
Loving yourself is also about figuring out what really makes you happy — and then making life choices that will result in that happiness. Let go of expectations and stop worrying about what other people think. Instead, examine what you require for true, long-lasting happiness. By focusing on your own wants and needs and you’ll be taking the first step toward making your dreams come true.

Peace on Earth
Peace on earth starts in your own heart. If you want to be more loving to others, be more loving to yourself. If you want to be less judgmental, judge yourself less. Go easy on yourself and forgive your own mistakes. Surround yourself with positive energy and healthy people. See yourself and others through love and you’ll find more peace and joy in your heart and on earth.

Love yourself forever
The best part about learning to love yourself? It’s a gift that will last forever – through romantic heartbreak, career setbacks and personal loss. It’s a gift that will change your life this holiday season and all the holidays to come. It’s a gift that will change your life, and just maybe, the whole world.

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