What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Halloween Costume

Showcase Your Personality With Your Halloween Costume!

Though you may see Christmas and Hanukkah decorations in stores already, Halloween is coming up first! Have you picked your Halloween costume yet? Halloween gives us a chance to don a costume and pretend to be someone or something else for a day. Whether you paint your face or wear a mask, you can temporarily take on another look and let its presence consume you.

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What Started Out as Nostalgia

Halloween is most likely the first time you wore a costume as a kid. As such, it occupies a special, nostalgic place in our conscience. It can also be a great time to reflect. When you pick a Halloween costume, do you pick one that reflects a hidden part of your personality that you’d like to demonstrate more?  Or, do you choose a costume that showcases your strongest personality trait? When I think back on my own Halloween costume choices, I remember periods where I gravitated towards costumes that represented a part of myself that I was too shy to show, that I was just growing into, or that I wished I could utilize more. Like me, you should consider the following types of costumes if there is a part of your personality you’d like to showcase this Halloween:

The Scary Costume

Want to show your strong side? Want to be feared when you’re normally not? Pick a scary Halloween costume as a chance to feel powerful, strong, or even come face to face with your fears of the macabre. You can also let yourself be super creative by putting on fake blood, wounds, bandages, and/or making up your own monster. If you’ve chosen scary costumes before, maybe it’s because you wanted to explore your strength more often in everyday life.

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The Super-Sexy-Version-of-Anything Costume

Is your sexy side longing to come out or is it not getting enough attention and you want more? Turn up the heat and let yourself feel appreciated for your physicality. This is the time to enjoy how you look and emphasize your favorite features. Show people it’s your turn to get the glances from across the room. If you feel like you dress sexy all the time and that’s how you naturally feel best about yourself, then you may choose Halloween to just amp that up even more. But if you’re someone who usually keeps your sexy side to yourself, why not take advantage of Halloween to bring your sexy back!

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The Parody/Political Satire Costume

Are you paying attention to recent cultural and/or political events? Do you want to show you are informed and also send a message? Perhaps you enjoy humor about current events! This Halloween costume gives you an opportunity to exercise your creative side as well as gain an education. This can be a fun way to learn about something currently relevant or historically important. Be careful to do your research and be sure your parody costume is socially conscious and not terribly offensive. A good rule of thumb is to be sure your parody doesn’t make fun of anyone considered a victim. Also know that not everyone agrees with your politics so a Donald Trump mask will get cheers and boos, just like a Hillary Clinton costume will. The best part of a parody costume is coming up with a reference others will get and wish they had thought to do.

The Celebrity Costume

If you can pull off a Halloween costume that mimics a famous person or familiar character, you’ll get a lot of attention. Picking something familiar to others is a great way to imagine yourself as a completely different person or character. You can even use Halloween as an opportunity to memorize famous lines said by the person or character you portray. This is great way to really put your performing abilities to the test! Allow yourself to let go and fully encompass the character. This can be fun at parties!

The Group/Couples’ Costume

Going out with your significant other or several friends? A great way to bring out your social side is to do a couples’ or group Halloween costume. It’s really fun to think of ways to collaborate and work as a team. My boyfriend and I did this last year and had a lot of fun. He dressed up as Batman and I was Robin Hood—the lady version. There was just something so enjoyable about saying we were Batman and Robin Hood. There’s power in numbers and the group costume or couples’ costume creates a bond with the ones you love.

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Whatever costume you pick, think of it like a tattoo. The pictures of you on Halloween will be around for a long time, so consider your choice carefully. Take the opportunity to reveal a hidden desire or personality trait to help you feel more comfortable in your everyday skin.

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