In Pursuit of the Paranormal

Pursuit of the Paranormal

Psychic and Paranormal Research

Through the many years of psychic and paranormal research I have explored and studied, I’ve found that many events that take place in certain geographical locations or specific times simply defy logic and science. Even though the power of psychic abilities is beginning to gain acceptance in the scientific community, many people still adhere to the idea that energy ceases at the moment of death and, at that moment, all consciousness ends.

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Television Shows

There are many television programs that explore the possibility of ghosts, spirits and other paranormal phenomenon. It has been shown that many of these programs stage their results and, in so doing, cast doubt on the real findings. I have been on countless paranormal investigations and I can honestly say that in most instances, there are logical reasons for the sounds or sights reported. However, for those rare and amazing few experiences that cannot be debunked, the many hours of boredom and discomfort are suddenly justified!

Dimensions and Vortices

There are many theories about dimensional shifts and vortices that “thin the veil” between what we deem as our physical world and the multiverse that surrounds us. In two of the hauntings I have pursued, there was absolutely no other account for what was experienced and caught on camera; they were truly paranormal and supernatural.

A Word of Caution

A good medium can contact another dimension with remarkable accuracy. It is a rare and impressive gift! However, a medium will make sure to be well prepared for the contact before stepping into that ether. Such is the caveat of this article! If you are going to make an attempt to reach the etheric plane, make sure you know what you are doing. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt such pursuits without training and guidance from an experienced individual.

An Unwanted Situation

Just as leaving your door open at night might bring some unwanted results, leaving a psychic “door” open without preparation and experience can also create an unwanted situation. Not all energy is kind and benevolent. After all, the energy released into those other dimensions was once connected to a human body and, as we all know, not all human beings are the kind you want to invite into your home.

Extraordinarily Haunted

The most haunted place I have ever experienced caught me completely off guard and the photos I took of the house caused two employees of the film development store to walk off their job! In truth, it was the longest and most intense experience of my life and I learned the hard way to make sure you always prepare yourself well in advance for anything and everything.

Basic Tools

The new developments being discovered in the field of paranormal pursuits have been expanding at an astounding rate. A digital camera and digital voice recorder are two of the most basic tools for exploring this phenomenon. There are several free computer programs that will translate whatever you have discovered on your recorder and they will help you remove background noise in order to clearly hear whatever electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) you may have found.


Due to an amazing evolutionary trait known as “paradolia”—the ability to see or hear human features or voices in obscure images or sounds—it is very important to be as logical and scientific as possible. After all, paradolia is the reason we see “the man” in the moon! It is very easy to hear or see images from a ghost hunt when, in reality, it is just your mind seeing or hearing a preconceived image.

The Perfect Time to Pursue the Paranormal

This is a wonderful time of year to pursue paranormal activities. It has long been believed by many ancient (and some more modern) groups that the veil between the physical and the metaphysical is at its thinnest after the autumn equinox and before the spring equinox. If you want to learn more about this subject matter or would like to contact someone from the other side in a more direct manner, call a trusted California Psychics psychic and take their advice seriously. We have all trained for many years in order to help you in many matters, including this one.

Happy Hunting!

Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

7 thoughts on “In Pursuit of the Paranormal

  1. Ivory Psychic ext 6551

    Your article is right on, Jesse! I hate to think about when I was a teenager and didn’t know any better; my friends and I would get out a Ouija board and try to contact any old spirit that wanted to talk. When I think back to the low vibrational beings we were inviting into my home or to attach to our persons I shudder. There needs to be much more education available for the general public on the proper ways to commune with the spirit world, protection of self and home and when investigations are best left to the professionals.

  2. Judianne

    Interesting article. It hit home for me in so many ways.. I once joined a group of paranormal investigators. I quickly learned how important safety was. I was brought on as the “medium” and to be honest, I had a weird feeling from day 1. I never felt that we were as protected as they told us..many things started to happen to me and even though I am comfortable as a medium, these investigations were very uncomfortable.. We went to a cemetery for our first time and lucky for me both of parents are buried there. I was unable to breathe and quickly went to where my parents were and I immediately was ok. Oddly enough, when as a child, Spirits would come to me in the night, I would automatically go to my parents room for comfort. Some things never change.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    In fact, Jesse, I’ve lost count of the numerous investigations I’ve been on that resulted in no spirits or hauntings but instead, mice !!!
    Mice, and squirrels, but especially mice are fond of chewing on wiring within the walls and often cause lights to flicker. In fact, mice chewing on wires, is a real fire hazard ! Anybody that lives out in the country will tell you that. A mouse will chew the coating off of a wire right down to the bare metal or live wire.
    A proper paranormal investigation will always eliminate the logical reasons first.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    Love your articles, Jesse, they are educational, factual, AND grounded in reality.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse,
    I have done numerous paranormal investigations my self, and I agree with you in that they should be done with an experienced medium AND an experienced team with the right equipment.
    LOL, and I agree with you in that most of those TV shows ARE staged for ratings and shock effect. And, you are correct in that most ” hauntings ” have a logical explanation and , in fact, are not legitimate hauntings at all , but a combination of non-experience, no equipment, and a very vivid imagination…coupled with a mouse or two….lol.

    Your article reminded me of a neighbor I used to have who saw or felt ” a presence ” wherever she moved to, in every building, ( probably and including even the clothes dryer…lol ) … I finally took her to a place where I KNEW it was REALLY haunted….that cured her !!!!

    And there are different types of hauntings too….food for maybe a future article for you, Jesse.

    Love your articles, hope you had a great Samhain….
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Paula Trueman

    I dont know if you can help me, but before I moved here I saw a spirit, ghost what ever you want to call it .I dont know who it was have never seen him before in my life.I also have visits from people that have passed and I have coversations with some of am I going crazy or what???????

  6. Carol J Murto

    I agree that an expert should be called in when dealing with paranormal activity. More than spirits exist in this realm. In my work it is my goal to assist spirits to move into the next level of their Soul lives. There are spirits that remain that are designed to do so i.e. it is within their Soul journey to do so, but more frequently than not, they require help to move on. I love my work, it is an honor and a privilege to help these lost Souls.


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