Mantras for Meditation: April 14 – 20

Mantras for Meditation: April 14 - 20

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras for meditation came about during a grounded meditation in the midst of beautiful flowers. A beautiful flower is the muse for each mantra. Since this is the season of spring, new beginnings come from everywhere and you can find them in everything—including your life!

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Each mantra here can help you focus your energies in directions that will fulfill the desires of your spirit. They can also inspire you towards a greater level of self-awareness and contentment. I hope you embrace, utilize, and cherish these mantras.

April 14 (Carnation)

“Today I’ll embrace new potential in my life. It’s my day to be recreated!”

This lovely harbinger of warm weather presents itself with the message of positive transformation. Sometimes we forget that what is hidden is not actually gone—it’s just waiting. As the positive things in your life become clearer, you should take this time to recreate what you have been missing in your life. It’s time for you to use your gifts to bring the fulfillment you deserve. You may have forgotten (or dismissed!) your talents, but you have far more than what is often seen on the surface. Remember, you are never too old to dream or to make those dreams a reality.

April 15 (Poppy)

“Today I will be gentle with myself. I will sleep deeply and safely tonight.”

This flower is associated with rest or sleep. There is a great deal of healing power in the hours we spend sleeping. In our sleep, we also have greater communication with the Infinite. Some studies have even shown that we appear to enter another dimension while we sleep. However, we often forget the importance of sleep. Are you getting enough sleep each night? If not, why?

April 16 (Rose)

“Today I feel sexy and desired. I control my sexuality.”

The rose is my favorite flower! In fact, she is known as the “Queen of Flowers” and this flower connects to women for centuries. Her message for you today is about your sexuality.

Open yourself up in order to fully experience your sexuality. You are ripe and delicious! You are sexier than you give yourself credit. There is so much that is desirous within you, so stop being so critical of yourself. Nothing in the world is as sexy as confidence! We are sexual creatures and there is nothing wrong with your sexuality. Experiment and explore!

April 17 (Lily)

“Today I will embrace my natural and powerful true self.”

A beautiful and majestically elegant flower, the lily was celebrated by the Romans as the portent of spring. They thought that the milky white bloom was made from the milk of the goddess Juno’s breasts. Juno was the queen of all the gods, and it was believed that a single drop from her breast was so powerful it would regenerate life in the fields. Her message to you is as follows: “You have the power to transform any situation in your life. It may not be easy, and your initial efforts may be hard to recognize, but in a brief time, you will see the beauty of your energy.”

April 18 (Forget Me Not)

“Today I’ll keep my memories in a safe place in my heart and move on to make future memories now.”

These tiny, blue flowers have been a favorite of romantics since the Victorian age and this shy blossom offers very important lessons in life: It’s very easy to romanticize the past. It’s especially easy when we look longingly at lost love. And, it’s so easy to focus on the past that we overlook the present and completely ignore the future.

There’s always a reason why you’re not with that “special one” from your past—it was not as wonderful or perfect as you recall. Perhaps you long for that one person because it’s easier and “safer” than going back out into the world and finding a new love. While it’s fine to think back on a sweet memory occasionally, it’s dangerous to focus on that moment (or a series of such moments) so much that you disregard future possibilities.

April 19 (Daffodil)

“Today I will see the best in all situations.”

A bit of sunlight in the form of a flower! These sweet heralds of spring are everywhere right now. They have a message for you about keeping a positive outlook on life: Even when things are so bleak and brutal that you can’t see the answers, there’s support in more places than you realize. Call a trusted life path psychic and refocus your hopes and dreams. They are not beyond your reach!

April 20 (Foxglove)

“Today I will live my truth with courage and without fear!”

From this velvety rich bloom comes some of the strongest medicine to regulate the heart, but in this meditation, she has a message for your spiritual heart: Do not allow fear to drive your life. Be courageous. What you fear is what you face—so live fearlessly!

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