Mantras for Meditation: May 12 – 18

Mantras for Meditation: May 12 - 18

The Power of Mantras

Greetings again, gentle readers! Since the interest in Nordic Runes has begun to spread, we will be adding a visual aid to get you more familiar with these ancient symbols. Each symbol holds a special meaning that is connecting your path to the natural path of the Infinite. These glyphs were so sacred that the duplication and interpretation of their meanings were kept in secret and guarded to the death by the sacred scribes and seers. I’m happy to share them with you in this week’s mantras for meditation!

Many people have Scandinavian or Germanic roots, and these runes are the tools of their earliest languages. However, you certainly don’t need to be of such descent to have these lovely tools of antiquity speak to you and offer wisdom and insight that may have eluded you through other types of divination.

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These symbols have been used this week during my meditations. I have meditated on each rune that will be presented here and each came directly from my guides as they interpreted these images for you too. You’ll see many possibilities this week. Know that myself and other runes psychics are here to help you throughout every aspect of your journey.

May 12 (Isa)
“Today I will make my discipline the direction of my thoughts. By overseeing my thoughts, I can control what I think and therefore, what I do.”

Isa is the rune for today. You may find yourself with great intentions today, according to your mantras for meditation. However, you may also find yourself struggling with discipline or self-control. Isa is the symbol of self-control and patience. In our modern world of instant gratification, self-discipline is one of the greatest challenges we can undertake.

May 13 (Hagalaz)
“As much as possible, I will avoid loud and angry people today. I am in command of the way I perceive the world around me.”

Today offers an interesting rune: Hagalaz. This rune denotes the wild, untamed spirit in the natural worlds. It is also a warning for you to be aware of those who may try to cause disruption in your life. It’s in harnessing the power of Nature that your energy can join with that in the natural world and you can achieve many wonderful goals. However, if you allow power to be unchecked and chaos to rule your life, you will find that accomplishing your dreams becomes very difficult.

May 14 (Teiwaz)
“I will not motivate myself through guilt or shame. I am moved to achieve my goals because I am worthy of good things!”

The rune Teiwaz is today’s rune of focus, according to your mantras for meditation. This symbolizes a need to analyze your life. Are you making sacrifices that go unnoticed? Are you aware of old patterns that no longer apply to the life you are trying to create for yourself? It is time to look at your world and your relationships and then ask yourself some hard questions. Are you truly happy? If not, why not? True, there is certainly no reason to be harsh in judgment for past decisions. However, it’s time to look at your life logically and honestly. Find your answers and set out to make your life the journey you have dreamed it could one day become!

May 15 (Othila)
“My worth is not measured by social media. My worth is measured by my confidence and my compassion.”

Your mantras for meditation say that Othila is the rune upon which we reflect today. It’s the symbol of spiritual and physical journeys too. It symbolizes female sexuality and it symbolizes the womb of the great goddess forces that brought forth life and welcomed life to return to her at the close of the journey. For you, today may find you feeling a little more sexual than usual. Enjoy your sexuality! You are never too old to allow yourself the pleasure of pleasures!

May 16 (Mannaz)
“My past does not determine who I am. My past has prepared me for anything the future can hand to me.”

Mannaz is the rune of this day. It’s a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and memory too. You may find yourself looking back on a past relationship or situation far more romantically than it deserves. It’s very easy to romanticize the past, especially when you are struggling with the present.

Instead, allow yourself to think back to when you were in high school or college. Think back to those “great and carefree” moments. Now allow yourself to think back to the not-so-terrific moments that you could not wait to grow up and leave behind. Do you see how much you have grown? You have changed so much since those days! That relationship, that place, and that job no longer connect with you because you have grown beyond it.

May 17 (Algiz)
“I am just as much a priority, with the same amount of worth and value, as all the people who rely on me. Today I will relax and have some fun!”

Algiz is the secret symbol for your day today, according to your mantras for meditation. It’s the herald of spiritual awakenings and urges you to care for your physical body as well as your spirit. You may find yourself feeling stressed today and trying to embrace numerous obligations in a time frame that is simply too restrictive. You have a right to make your needs as important a priority as anyone else’s. Therefore, be gentle with yourself today and have some fun!

May 18 (Jera)
“I will no longer allow myself to live in the prison of fearing what other people think of me. I am good just the way I am today!”

We’re closing out the week with the rune of Jera. This glyph portends to a fruitful time in your life. It’s a time of peace and happiness. As a result, today can be a day of great contentment! You have completed the week and have met your tasks with responsibility and compassion. Therefore, you deserve some quality “you” time today.

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